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N2 sd card recovery,recover data from N2 sd card
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-26 10:24

N2 sd card repair tutorial N2 sd card data recovery method to listen to voice
N2 sd card can not read how to fix it? How to restore important data files in N2 sd card? The following small series will share with you the N2 sd card repair and data recovery methods.
Method / step
When the N2 sd card reads incorrectly, we can first try to repair the Sd card, so as to protect the data to the greatest extent possible. Connect the N2 sd card to your computer as shown.
Next we need to open the Command Prompt window: right click on the Windows button and select the Command Prompt (Administrator) item from its context menu.
After the “Command Prompt” interface is opened, enter “CHKDSK /f H:” and press Enter. At this time, the file system will be repaired automatically for the H disk where the SD card is located. After the repair is completed, the data in the SD card can be read normally.
If the file data is lost during the process of repairing the SD card, the data in the SD card can be restored by means of the relevant data recovery software.
Next, we need to use the "disk repair tool" to try to repair the logical bad sectors that may exist on the Sd card. As shown in the figure, in the "Removable Disk Properties" interface, switch to the "Tools" tab, click "Disk" Detect button to fix.
For the data recovery part of the N2 sd card, we can also try to restore the data in the disk by means of the 360 ​​file recovery tool. as the picture shows:
If the above methods cannot complete the repair operation of the N2 sd card, you can try to perform low-level operation on the N2 sd card by means of the mass production tool. This will maximize the repair of the SD card.
  Many partners have accidentally deleted the SD card photo recovery experience, then the SD card photo data that was accidentally deleted is restored? Can the picture saved by the SD card be returned? In fact, it can be recovered. Although we have been reminding everyone to remember to save the photos of your phone and camera SD card to your computer in time. And organize the SD card in time. But many times, we are busy and do not have time to do these operations, resulting in pictures on the SD card of mobile phones and cameras being deleted by mistake for various reasons. This may not blame the SD card, after all, the characteristics of people are convenient, small, hot swap. These photos are just very important, but they have been unintentionally deleted. What should we do at this time, here is a practical data recovery software - N2 sd card recovery software. Through software scanning or you can recover accidentally deleted photos and retrieve important data.
        N2 sd card recovery software can easily recover photos and other files in various types of memory cards that have been deleted by mistake. It is very professional, competitive and widely used data recovery software. It has powerful disk scanning, disk diagnosis and data. Recovery, memory card file recovery and other functions. Ability to recover files that have been deleted due to misuse and formatted multiple file types. And N2 sd card recovery software software is also very simple to use, computer white is not afraid of not operating, just download the software on the computer, and follow the prompts to perform each step, after correct scanning, the data deleted by mistake is very likely Been restored.
 Step 1. Install the software download to your computer. And to avoid installing on the partition that accidentally deleted files.
Download N2 sd card recovery software directly on the official website
       Step 2, in the following interface, select the function "u disk / memory card" function we need. You can also see that there are five other functions in the software, and you can select the corresponding function to recover.
       Step 3. Select the disk to be scanned and select the disk whose file is deleted on the interface to scan.
        Step 4. Select the file type to be scanned and check according to the missing file type.
       Step 5, the scan is completed, you can see the data you want to recover on the interface. It is recommended to narrow down the search range according to the file name, type, path, time sorting, etc. Find the scanned file to be recovered, click to see if you can preview it, then click the "Restore" button in the lower right corner!
        The above is the specific operation of the SD card photo data recovery. It is worth noting that before using the N2 sd card recovery software to recover the SD card file, please make sure that you do not perform other write-like operations on the card again. The above method is very simple, only know if the software is as powerful as described above.
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