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2gb sd card recovery,recover data from 2gb sd card
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2gb sd card recovery is a data storage card dedicated data recovery software developed by Hong Kong SharpNight. 2gb sd card recovery can recover data card data loss due to: intentional or unintentional deletion of files, formatting or "delete all" operations, memory card errors or corruption or inaccessibility, damage caused by read/write process, key areas Damage such as data corruption caused by FAT/root/boot area damage, data loss caused by using different cameras/computers/devices, etc. 2gb sd card recovery can recover lost, deleted, damaged or formatted photos, videos, audio and files.
Step 1. Select the card, or the drive you want to recover data from.
Choosing a Memory Card Normally 7 - Data Card Recovery will only display removable devices that are either your card or USB drive, but if you want to display a local drive on your computer, you can click on the "View Local Drive" button.
Step 2. Start scanning for recoverable files.
To scan the memory card, select the scan drive (usually your card) that you want to recover from the file and then click the "Next" button to start the recovery file. In this step, you can configure this type of file to be found during the scanning process by clicking the "Advanced Settings" button.
Step 3: Preview the recovered files.
After the preview of the recovered file is scanned, you can browse and preview the files listed in the original tree structure of the card/drive. If you are restoring photos or images, you may want to click on "Thumbnails" to view thumbnails of the photos instead of the list. You can double click on the image to preview it in another window. If you want to search for a specific file, you can use the "Search" button.
Step 4: Save the recovery file.
After saving the recovery file, you decide which files to restore, select All, then click the "Save" button. Select the path where you want to save these files and its completion. Now you can see the files recovered in the target folder.
1 After the download is complete, do not run the software directly in the compressed package, first extract it;
2 The software supports 32-bit 64-bit operating environment at the same time;
3 If the software does not open properly, right-click to run in administrator mode.
Sd card data recovery method
I accidentally deleted important travel photos when I inserted the SD card into the computer! I tried a lot of software and can't recover! Can only be detected! I ask you if there is any way to get it back! please! 
To recover data such as photos, you can use 2gb sd card recovery software to recover.
First select the partition where the file is located, which is the drive letter that your sd card displays on your computer. Then click the “Restore File” button at the top of the main interface, in the Restore File window, select the recovery method (for example, to retrieve the file by mistake, select “Recover deleted files”; to retrieve the formatted file, select “Miscribing” "File recovery", of course, you can also directly select "full scan"), after scanning, some files and folders will appear, tick in front of the required, then right click, select the target location of the copy (such as desktop, my Documents or other locations).
There are two options in the recovery mode, one is to recover the files that were accidentally deleted, and the other is the recovery of the files after the error formatting.
Select the target location for copying, that is, you want to choose which target folder to save the restored files to save! In order to prevent the copy operation from causing secondary damage to the partition being restored, this software does not allow the file to be restored to the original partition.