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4gb sd card recovery,recover data from 4gb sd card
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How to recover the SD card data in the mobile phone?
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4gb sd card recovery
As one of the most commonly used storage tools, SD card believes that there will be such a small SD card in almost everyone's smartphone, and generally there will be a lot of important files stored in it, but sometimes we are using it. In this case, it is easy to cause the files in the SD card to be deleted or formatted by mistake. If this happens, it is difficult to find the files to be deleted. How to solve them? Don't worry, share an experience with you today and teach you how to recover lost files from SD card.
[Recovery tool recovery]
1, in fact, SD card you can understand him as a small hard disk, we first connect the SD card to the computer through the card reader, then open the browser, enter the Baidu home page
2, after opening the Baidu homepage, we can search the super hard disk data recovery master inside, and then download this software, as our recovery software for recovering the data inside the SD card
3, after downloading and installing, we can directly use this software to scan the lost files in the computer, first scan the lost files, and then see if it can be recovered. If you can, you can restore it directly.
[Multiple recovery options for precise selection to assist recovery]
1, of course, if the recovery is not successful, don't worry, this does not mean that your file can never be recovered, we can open 4gb sd card recovery, find the [computer clinic] function in the toolbox
2, open the computer clinic function, you can see 6 major categories, we choose the national maintenance last classification, and then directly open, here we can find the function to restore our SD card
3, open in the inside to find [SD card data recovery] this option, open directly, and then fill in the relevant information inside, there will be a dedicated engineer to help you find the data, very convenient
4gb sd card data recovery software is an easy to use and powerful data recovery software. The software has targeted data recovery for various memory cards, and supports U disk, SD card, miniSD, microSD, TF card, SDHC card, SDXC card, memory stick, flash card (FlashCard), CF card, XD image card. , SM card, MMC card, etc. In addition, the software also has good compatibility with storage devices such as hard disks and mobile hard disks. The software currently supports data recovery for multiple file types, including images, photos, videos, audio, archives, applications, mail, Office documents (Word, PPT, excel spreadsheets, etc.), CAD files, chat and remember, etc. A common file type.
4gb sd card data recovery software support is fully functional, supporting almost all data loss situations that may be encountered, such as memory card deletion recovery, formatted data recovery, memory card can not open prompts unformatted, directory structure damage can not be read , parameter errors, virus damage, file garbled and other issues. The newer version of the software uses a user-friendly wizard-style interface that guides the user through step-by-step operations and completes all data recovery tasks. In addition, the software also enhances the file preview function, which can help users find the files that need to be recovered from the recovery results. The new version of the software has good compatibility with all versions of Windows, supports Windows 10 and is compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit systems.