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8gb sd card file recovery,recover data from 8gb sd card
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-26 10:37

Often have a friend's mobile phone memory card due to various problems leading to data loss, then how to get back after the loss, here is recommended a simple operation of the SD memory card data recovery software 8gb sd card file recovery professional version.
    It can effectively recover photos, audio, video and other multimedia files on all memory cards that have been deleted or lost due to accidental deletion, damage and formatting.
    Using 8gb sd card file recovery is safe and risk free. This software only performs read-only operations on the memory card. It neither moves or deletes the data on the card, nor does it modify it to prevent further damage or overwriting. It restores the pictures, audio, video and multimedia files on the original card and stores them in the location you specify. With just a few steps, the data on your memory card is back.
    Although there are a lot of memory card data recovery software called 8gb sd card file recovery on the Internet, but this is relatively good in the registered version, may wish to try.
Supported memory card types:
SD card (Secure Digital card), MicroSD (TransFlash), SDHC, miniSD card
MMC card MultiMedia card
CF card, Compact Flash card, CF type I, type II, micro hard disk
Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, Duo, Pro-HG, XC, Micro (M2)
SmartMedia, flash card recovery
xD image card recovery
Mobile phone memory card, mobile phone, digital media recovery
U disk and digital image recovery
8gb sd card file data recovery, can you restore photos a year ago?
Background: The computer hard drive is broken, the opening can't be done, and the photos are gone. I want to fix it by restoring the photos in the 8gb sd card file (of course I don't know if I can do it in professional situations).
Note: It is not the normal SD card that is broken and the one to be recovered.
Now have the following conditions:
1, 8gb sd card file used for 3 years, never broken.
2, SD card memory 8G, delete the photo when it is full, not formatted.
3, took photos at least more than 100G
Data recovery can not be restored This depends on how the user is used, data recovery engineers often say: "As long as the data is not covered, the data may be restored."
Because of the storage characteristics of the disk, when the data on the hard disk is not needed, the data is not taken away. When deleting, the system just writes a delete flag on the file. Formatting and low-level formatting are also overwriting the data on the disk and writing the data with the number 0. This is the overlay.
After a file is marked with the delete flag, the occupied space will be overwritten with new files when new files are written. At this time, the deleted file name is still there, but the spatial content pointing to the data area has been overwritten and changed, and the recovered abnormal content will be recovered. The space occupied by the file information with the delete mark in the same file allocation table may also be covered by the new file name file information, and the file name will not exist.
When a partition is formatted, there is new content copied, the new data just covers the part of the space before the partition, and the space occupied by the new content is removed. The unordered content on the remaining spatial data area of ​​the partition may still be reorganized, and the data is Come back.
Similarly, data loss caused by cloning, one-click recovery, system restoration, etc., as long as the new data footprint is less than the pre-destruct space capacity, the data recovery engineer may recover the partitions and data that the user wants.
When the storage medium is damaged or the data is inaccurate due to personnel misoperation or the operating system itself, the data is invisible, unreadable, and lost. Engineers use special means to read data that is invisible, unreadable, and unreadable under normal conditions.
Data recovery refers to the technology that rescues and recovers lost electronic data stored on desktop hard drives, notebook hard drives, server hard drives, storage tape libraries, mobile hard drives, USB flash drives, digital memory cards, Mp3, etc. through technical means. .