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16GB sd card data recovery,recover data from 16GB sd card
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How to deal with 16GB SD CARD FILE aging? Teach you a few strokes to save your life
16GB SD CARD FILE can not read and write files
    Why can SD lost files be recovered? The principle is the same as that of hard disk recovery. Simply put, the storage space of 16GB SD CARD FILE can be compared to a building. The format operation is numbered for each room, then the map hanging at the door of the building records each room. details. When this file is deleted, but the file data is still in the room. Deleted files are recoverable until new data is saved in the overlay. The 16GB SD CARD FILE format recovery principle is similar. Formatting will renumber the room and will not erase the number immediately.
    Method 1: For data loss caused by 16GB SD CARD FILE logic failure, for example, file deletion, misformatting, 16GB SD CARD FILE can not be read (can not open prompt formatting, etc.), users can use some on the network The data recovery software completes the 16GB SD CARD FILE recovery work. The current software operation is very simple, you can search online, if necessary, I also release the data recovery software I use.
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How to deal with 16GB SD CARD FILE aging? Teach you a few strokes to save your life
Data recovery software
    Method 2: Connect the 16GB SD CARD FILE card reader to the computer. The prompt needs to be formatted. Of course, you can't format it. We choose to cancel the format.
Click on the "Start Menu" - "Run" - then enter chkdsk G: / F where G is your mobile drive location, modified according to the specific mobile drive letter. Click OK to start the repair. After copying your data to your computer for backup, then formatting your memory card is complete.
How to deal with 16GB SD CARD FILE aging? Teach you a few strokes to save your life
Input command character
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With this knowledge, you can handle it with care from the beginning of the care to the use of precautions and the need for data recovery. I believe that you can also protect your valuable data.
16GB SD CARD FILE, BGA package data recovery success
U disk model: 16GB SD CARD FILE
Fault type: Fault description: A SD 32G high-speed card is used on the SLR camera. It contains a lot of high-definition photos. If the user does not operate properly, the card will be broken. Then the computer will be connected to the card without any prompts. After replacing the card reader, the fault is the same. After we get in touch, the engineer can't bear to bet after seeing the card. The card's circuit board has been broken laterally from the interface to the lower third. For this situation, only The chip of the card is removed from the circuit board, and the recovery work is completed by our professional FLASH data recovery device. Then we find that the memory chip is a package form of BGA. This brings great difficulty to the recovery work. 32G read through the device Time took about 4 hours, then the matching algorithm, repair ECC, combined channel, etc., very complicated. This card finally has to be fully restored, catalogue photos and videos are all open normally, total spend 3 Day time. So in the future, when the readers use the card reader to read the card, the operation method must be correct. If the chip in this case is broken, it is very regrettable. Then come the physical picture, the phone is taken, no It is very clear.
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