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Driver Booster 5.5 PRO Serial Key 2019
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  • Publish Time:2018-09-30 08:38

Combating piracy is the responsibility of each of us. This article is resolutely opposed to any piracy. This article is not responsible for any piracy, but only encourages everyone to resist piracy.
Do you know the driver in your computer? This driver booster 5 activation version is a very easy to use driver detection update software, driver booster pro 5 activation version has two major columns of device drivers and game components, its interface is simple, operation Simple, it is very convenient to upgrade all the drivers in your computer to the latest version, and this driver booster 5 crack version has been completely cracked, Xiaobian will attach the activation code tutorial below!
After the driver booster pro 5 activation version is installed, it will automatically open the detection. After the detection is completed, you only need to click the driver you want to update, which can save a lot of time and effort, and can also cause hardware failures, conflicts caused by driver problems. System crashes are minimized, allowing your computer to run software or games perfectly.
Driver booster pro 5 activation screenshot
Driver booster pro 5 activation features:
Without a proper device driver, your computer may not work properly and the updated drivers on Windows systems are always bad. Driver Booster 5 supports more than 200% of the database, supports updating more than 1,000,000 drivers, and fixes missing/error/outdated driver issues. You can easily update Intel drivers / Realtek Ethernet Controller / WLAN / Network / HD Audio Drivers, Intel Audio / HD Graphics / WLAN / LAN / Chipset / Fast Storage Technology / usb 3.0 drivers, Nvidia drivers and All important driver packages are from Microsoft.
Secure driver update
The iobit driver booster pro 5 only supports drivers that pass the WHQL test. When the driver is downloaded, the HTTPS connection is newly adopted to encrypt the connection to the server. To ensure a higher level of computer security, Driver Booster 5 also creates a restore point before installing the driver to prevent problems with the installation. Driver backup can also help you when faced with compatibility issues.
No slow game
Updated graphics drivers often provide significant performance improvements, especially for new games. You can always get the latest graphics drivers for smoother streaming editing with the iobit driver booster pro 5. In addition, the most popular game components such as Game for Windows 3.5, XML 6.0, Silverlight 5 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable are available for game launch.
Automatic download, install and update
Updating drivers always takes a lot of time and sometimes even affects your daily work. The driver Booster 5 extends the automation service, and in addition to automatic downloads, you can also enjoy automatic installation and updates when the system is idle. Just let Driver Booster 5 run in the background and you'll enjoy better PC performance with the latest drivers.
Driver booster pro 5 activation version crack tutorial:
After the download is complete, click to open the driver_booster_setup_rc installation software in the package, open and install to install.
Clicking Install will install to the default path, click Custom to customize the software installation path.
Second, crack
After the installation is complete, start cracking, completely close the software, find the Config file in the Crack folder in the package, and copy it.
Open the Copy HERE shortcut in the package, paste the Config into the open folder and replace it.
After the replacement is complete, copy the Register.dll file in the package again.
Copy Register.dll to the software installation directory and replace it. You can find the software installation path by right-clicking the software shortcut to open the file location.
Open the software after the replacement is complete. Click on the registration code to activate the software.
Enter the driver booster 5 registration code 2EC72-368A4-5E4E9-D54A1 in the registration code field, click Activate, the activation is successful.
The registration interface below the software has disappeared and the crack is successful.
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