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How to: Verify that the Sentinel Key is properly connected and responding
The Sentinel Key is a parallel or USB port hardware dongle that provides a unique number for generating user licenses. The Sentinel Key returns its number only when the Sentinel Key and Sentinel Key drivers are communicating normally.
To verify that the Sentinel Key and Sentinel drivers are properly installed and running, click Start > Programs > ArcGIS > License Manager > Show Hardware Key Status. A window is displayed with the following message:
The Sentinel driver is installed and running.
Sentinel driver version: PD-5.39
If this message appears, the Sentinel driver and Sentinel Key will function properly.
If the window does not appear, or if a blank window or window containing the following message appears,
The SuperPro driver is installed and running.
However, the hardware key does not appear to be plugged into the parallel port of this system.
Verify that the key is securely plugged into the back of the computer and remove all devices, such as a Zip drive, printer, or other Sentinel Key on the back of the inserted key. After removing these devices, recheck the Sentinel Key status to see if the key is now recognized.
ArcGIS 8.x uses the Sentinel Key driver PD 5.38 or higher. Please download and install the latest version of the Sentinel driver.
A Download the latest Sentinel driver from SafeNet Inc.
B. Run the downloaded installer. When prompted, choose Upgrade. When prompted, be sure to select the Custom installation.
If the Sentinel driver is PPD 5.38 or later and the Sentinel Key conflicts with another device, you can choose to install a parallel port card to add a second parallel port or use a USB key. Make sure the Esri hardware key is connected to the primary parallel port.
If you insert multiple hardware keys into the parallel port, try placing the Esri Sentinel Key in the first place in the chain and recheck the Sentinel Key status.
If you insert the printer into the back of the parallel Sentinel Key, turn on the printer and recheck the Sentinel Key status.
If no device is connected to the parallel Sentinel Key and the Display Hardware Key Status window still does not return the Sentinel Key number and driver version, try printing through the parallel port without connecting to the Sentinel Key. If not printed, the parallel port configuration is incorrect or corrupt. Contact your system administrator to help repair parallel port communication.
The last test of the key was to install the key and license manager on other Windows systems. After installing the license manager, run the Show Hardware Key Status. If the Sentinel Key number is not displayed, the Sentinel Key may be faulty. Please contact the Customer Service Center to replace the new key. Once you receive the new key, contact Customer Care at the new Sentinel Key number to obtain a new license file.
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