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Passwords and Keycodes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wiki Guid
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Deus Ex Raiders 
[The celestial game channel] In the near future, in 2052, the world was in chaos. The floods broke out, the economy was declining, the pollution was everywhere, the terrorist activities were rampant, and the terminally ill "Gray Death" was everywhere. Players play a new generation of humans with "molecular machinery" on their bodies. They are new agents for UNATCO (United Nation Anti-Terrorist Coalition), and are instructed to investigate "grey death". The vaccine was hijacked by terrorists on the way, and after a thorough investigation, the vaccine incident was only the tip of the iceberg. The boundaries between friends and enemies are slowly blurring or even changing. There seems to be a horrible conspiracy behind everything, and all the conspiracy points to the same organization, an underground group that has been secretly taking over the world for several years.
Passwords and Keycodes of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Wiki Guid
1. New York Liberty Island
At the beginning you are at SOUTH DOCK, going forward, and you can pick up a mast on the right side of the ground. Breaking the wooden box next to it can pick up the telescope (the other things have no practical use, no matter what). Continue to go left and see a black man, he is your brother PAUL DENTON, after the conversation to understand some information and accept the task - go to the library to rescue the hostages. In the end, he will let you pick one of the sniper rifle, GEP GUN (launch grenade) or 弩 three weapons (I chose a sniper rifle), and then I can go out from the exit after picking. Out of the SOUTH DOCK, turn right and stick to the wall, go away, avoid the patrolling NSF terrorists (of course, you can kill all the way), arrive at the entrance of the NORTH DOCK, there are two terrorists, after killing them, go to the seaside cabin I met HARLEY FIBEN and talked to him (there is a choice in the conversation, I chose YOU CAN TRUST ME), and I can leave after getting the main door key and the photo of the terrorist head. There is a girl DRIFT in the room, and she can get some bullets by talking to her. Leaving NORTH DOCK and getting ready to enter the library, there are two ways.
Method 1: After the NORTH DOCK walked through, after a very dark section, it came to the main entrance of the library. The terrorist set up an automatic defense robot to patrol the door at the door, carefully avoiding it (as long as it doesn't appear on the front or attack it), go to the opposite side, see an electronic notepad on top of a box, read it You can get the username and password of the front door controller (user name: NSF001, password: SMASHTHESTATE). When the defensive robot walks to the other side, rush to the front of the main entrance, find the controller on the left wall, open it and enter the username and password you just got, start the controller, open the main door and turn off the induction control machine gun on the front door. . Going in from the main entrance, carefully avoiding the guards and the sensors on the wall (to be extremely careful here, if found, there will be a guard ringing the alarm and causing a large number of terrorists to rush out), from the stairs behind the hall sculpture, go up all the way To the top floor.
Method 2: The NORTH DOCK goes to the left (the road that passes when it comes) and goes to the place where a lot of containers are placed. From the ladder? (Some places where you can't jump can move the box next to your feet) so you can reach the roof of the library. Kill the guards on the roof and walk to a place with a slope. Here you can go in from the doorway below the slope and walk up the stairs. Or along the slope, there are four entrances on the top, one with two guards and the other three with an inductive gas release (can be removed). After entering, climb up the stairs from the left side of the middle room.
Finally came to the highest level, saw the head of the terrorists, and after talking to him, (don't irritate him, the candidate TELL ME ABOUT THE SHIPMENT AND ILL ORDER THE TROOPS TO PICK YOU UP AS A PRISONER INSTEAD OF CORPSE) The mission is complete and the entire LIBERTY ISLAND area is safe. Leaving the library, come to UNATCO HQ (UNATCO headquarters, just near the exit of SOUTH DOCK), and after the dialogue with PAUL at the door, enter the headquarters, down the stairs, to the second floor of the underground, enter the office of JOSEPH MANDERLEY. After entering, talk to his secretary first, get the user name and password (user name: JCD, password: BIONICMAN), you can query some information on the computer later.
Enter the inner room and talk to MANDERLEY. Out of the office, go down, go to the third floor, take a physical examination at JAIME REYES, and get equipment at SAM CARTOR. Then go back to the second floor of MANDERLEY's office, talk to PAUL and MANDERLEY, and come out into the lounge next door, enter the right door in the lounge, see a man and a woman in the argument, talk to the female detective I learned that she is ANNA NAVORRE, her future acting companion. At the beginning of SOUTH DOCK, I saw a ship by the sea and boarded the ship (right click on the mouse) to leave the LIBERTY ISLAND.