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Clave de licencia onesafe pc cleaner gratis
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-30 09:16

The free version of the computer cleaning tool is also very conscience: Onesafe pc cleaner gratis
I installed a lot of niche cleaning tools on my Mac. One time I used them to help my friends clean up the system. After a long time of tossing, I finally installed these tools and completed a general cleaning. But after a few weeks, my friend asked me to help me clean up. It turned out that he couldn't understand how these Geek tools were used, and he had to work.
I don't want to provide such "attentive" service every time. I think of a cleaning tool that has a good rating in the Mac App Store - Onesafe pc cleaner gratis, so I helped him install it, and simply explained a few ways of operation. Sure enough, he didn't come to me with the system cleaning.
Later, I found that the application of this interface is refreshing and functional, or domestically produced, and various "system housekeepers" are not a style of painting, so I am willing to introduce it to you.
The minority has also introduced cleaning tools for other platforms such as Windows. Long press the QR code to focus on the minority (ID: sspaime) and reply to "clean up" GET to more in the background.
A free version for you
Onesafe pc cleaner gratis provides a free version and a paid version of Pro. The free version provides one-click cleanup of junk files, large file scanning, disk space analysis, and free memory. It is only necessary to regularly clean up junk files and release them. It is enough for ordinary users of disk space.
Pay attention to the minority and reply to "Clean up" in the background to get the download link.
Junk File Cleanup: One-click cleanup of useless files
The most basic function of a cleanup tool is junk file cleanup, and the most annoying of many junk files is the App cache. If you open Safari's cache folder, you'll see that it may already be a few hundred MB in size. The first time I used the system cleanup tool, I scanned 8GB of garbage from my computer. It is now cleaned weekly with the Onesafe pc cleaner gratis and has a few hundred MB to a few gigabytes of space to clean.
Although some applications also have the function of automatic cleaning on a regular basis, for a computer with a space of only 256GB or even 128GB, a little bit of disk space can be described as a small amount of gold. Regular cleaning can release a lot of pressure for the disk.
Onesafe pc cleaner gratis also has a detail that makes me feel at ease: the first time I start the game, I will let the user confirm the folder that I need to scan. I will limit the scanning range to the user directory and avoid accidental deletion of system files.
Large file scanning: look at the large files that take up space
In addition to caching files, there is a class of files that need to be cleaned up - which are huge but useless files, such as:
Video cache already seen
Completed iMovie project file
Finished comics
These files are a few gigabytes, which can be said to be a killer of disk space, but because they are hidden in the application's file library, they are easily ignored. However, Onesafe pc cleaner gratis can pull them out of the disk:
For the files that are not used in it, we will clean it up directly. For some of the files that need to be retained, you can add whitelists to avoid them always appearing in the list to be deleted.
Disk Analysis: Quickly show file size distribution
If you have been paying attention to the system cleaning tool under macOS, you may have heard of Daisydisk, which sells for more than 60 yuan. It can display the file usage in the system in a fan-shaped style. In fact, Onesafe pc cleaner gratis has similar Features, and can be used without paying.
In the disk map, the cursor can be displayed on any fan to display the specific size of the file or folder. If it is a folder, you can click to further check the occupancy of the space.
With Disk Utility, we can clearly see which files are the most space-consuming. Compared to the "large file function", the contrasting fan chart is more intuitive. I often find that some unfamiliar folders swell to a few gigabytes or more. Click on it to see that it is a cache of chat tools. After confirming that these files are useless, delete them with Onesafe pc cleaner gratis.
Optimize memory at any time
Although there are not many situations in which Mac memory is in a hurry, there are occasions when you run out of memory. If you don't want the report to be written halfway and the application is forced to be launched, you can try the menu bar widget of Onesafe pc cleaner gratis, from time to time. Release a tight memory.
More comprehensive Pro version
Compared with the free version, the Pro version adds more powerful features such as file check, application uninstall, and secure erase file (shredder) to help you further clean up your disk space.
Duplicate file lookup
In addition to caching and large files, Onesafe pc cleaner gratis also provides the ability to scan files repeatedly, and the files on my own computer are sorted out in place, but several duplicate video files are still being pulled out by the Onesafe pc cleaner gratis. As an obsessive-compulsive disorder, it feels much better after deleting the extra files...
Free users can also find duplicate files, just need to manually delete them. If you often need to clean up duplicate files, the one-click cleanup feature of the paid version can save you a lot of time.
Application management
Onesafe pc cleaner gratis also provides application uninstallation function. In the application management, you can see the details of your installation software. In addition to the application itself, the application can generate files in other folders quickly during use, and directly Compared to dragging the application into the trash, you can do a "no residue" unloading.
In general, we can delete junk files and put them in the trash, but we may never want to find some confidential files. For those users with advanced needs, the shredder can completely erase files so they cannot be recovered. The shredder is also very simple to use. Drag the file you want to clear to the shredder interface and click “Continue” to erase.
Onesafe pc cleaner gratis is relatively comprehensive for free users, with a balance of functionality, ease of use, and interface. All operations are "foolish", users can easily use it, and the whitelist and scan range settings are also Avoid accidental deletion of files. Advanced features are even more powerful, and if you need a simple and versatile system cleanup tool, Onesafe pc cleaner gratis is a good choice. If you have more advanced requirements, you can also consider its Pro version. You can find out more about the features of this tool on the Onesafe pc cleaner gratis website.