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etaxservice-40008: service error. lakukan upload ulang. mars
  • Author:urecovery
  • Publish Time:2018-09-29 09:48

If you say etaxservice-40008: service error. lakukan upload ulang. mars, this means that you can't update, well, recently my friend asked in the office, why is it rejected during the upload status of the electronic invoice? Reject information:
ETAXSERVICE-40008: Service error, re-upload
Even if all the data submitted in the electronic invoice is correct?
If you upload a problem, it means a network or connection problem, whether it is a local network or an external network. For the local network, we can check the internet connection, and for the external network, we can check the tax server.
Before checking the tax electronic invoice request, I make sure that the computer network in my office is not a problem, especially the Internet connection. If the internet connection does not matter, the problem is with the tax electronic invoice application computer.
E-invoice error ETAXSERVICE-40008 indicates upload failed (rejected)
How to solve ETAXSERVICE-40008 error
In order to overcome the etax-40008 error, we first determine the following points, so that we know the problem of etaxservice-40008:
1. Check the status of the PC
Make sure there are no adware or malware viruses. Make sure you can't scan for viruses using anti-virus software such as Kaspersky Internet Security or free adwcleaner.
2. Check the internet
This is important because the electronic invoicing application communicates with the tax server over the Internet. We cannot upload an electronic invoice if there is no automatic internet.
In order to ensure that the server no longer falls taxes or repairs again, we can check the following address:
If we are in the form of XML please click on the link showing the data above, then the tax server is definitely no problem. See below:
How to view tax e-invoice server, tax service tax
If you click the link above without displaying the xml data structure, you can be sure that the tax electronic invoice server is closed again. If the conditions are like this, you can wait patiently until the electronic invoice server adds taxes again.
If the tax e-invoice server's conditions are full, perform the following steps, namely:
3. Restart the computer
Before restarting your computer, make sure there are no other applications running or open. If it has been restarted, please open the electronic invoice request again and upload again.
4. Re-upload
According to my experience etaxservice-40008 error is usually more tax drop for electronic invoices, so we can't upload, want to see the way, I will not be able to server. If so, I suggest waiting a few more hours, even waiting until tomorrow.
By waiting for the upload process tomorrow, there is usually no problem, and the way to solve the etaxservice-40008 error is enough to get here.
Tips for keeping your electronic invoice computer safe:
Computers used for tax electronic invoicing must use anti-virus software.
Don't let computer users of tax electronic invoices enter unimportant and work-independent applications, such as gaming applications, online, and more.
Be careful when browsing the internet, pay attention to malware or adware.
Hope it is useful.