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Solve Error ETAX-30009 Tidak Bisa Buat PDF Faktur
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Complete list of incorrect electronic invoice reasons and solutions
Never faced the error code information efaktur? Here we will discuss the causes and solutions for incorrect electronic invoicing. Tax language is definitely different from computer language. However, when you come into contact with the Desktop e-Faktur app, you will face this unusual language. The language will be displayed on the monitor screen along with the message and error code, or you can see the language in the Output Tax Invoice dashboard. A simple example is:
Well, you may not fully understand the content of the above message. You don't have to worry and bother to ask the tax expert what the message means. Below, there will be an explanation of the error efaktur cause and solution efaktur error code table (Tax Easy, Tax Easy - SERVICE, Tax Easy - API), often occurs in the electronic invoice desktop version 1 and 2.0 version of the application, the following error efaktur reasons And solutions.
Complete list of effects, causes and solutions: ETAX, ETAX SERVICE, ETAX API, ERROR EFFECT 2.0
ETAX-API Category: Error Impact Code 2.0 / Error Electronic Invoice Reasons and Solutions
No. Error 2.0 Electronic Invoice Code Electronic Invoice Error Description Cause Solution
1. Tax Easy - API-00001 DGT file main service error DGT main file service is busy or in the process of repair Please try again later. If it still does not work, please contact the official.
2. Tax Easy-API-00003 Tax Invoice Serial Number is not the seller's quota The invoice date you entered is less than the invoice serial number request [1] Enter the appropriate date and must not be less than the date of the tax invoice serial number you received.
[2] Easily enter the tax invoice serial number using the OnlinePajak app. Only enough to sync with your e-NOFA account.
3. Tax Easy-API-00004 When invoicing, the seller is not PKP [1] Check the date of your tax invoice serial number
[2] The app is easy to find NSFP OnlinePajak, avoid typing errors if you sync with your account's e-NOFA
4. Tax Easy - API-00005 Tax invoice output must be registered as an electronic invoice Your uploaded tax invoice is rejected [1] Double check your invoice data, note the invoice number and date
[2]View e-NOFA details online
[3] Perform barcode scanning
[4] Easily and automatically verify your input tax using the OnlinePajak app. Automatically import data into the OnlinePajak app via a scanning application that uses your favorite barcodes
5. Tax Easy - API-00010 [1] Error when signing service data
[2] Invalid digital certificate will re-check the certificate used [1] Failure due to dense network
[2] Your digital database and certificate are not recognized or still valid [1] Go to the "DB Administration" menu, select the database you want to use, and connect to the database. Go to the Certificate Management menu and recall the new certificate. Then start the database as a server
[2] If you don't want to bother with processing database connections and re-uploading digital certificates, use the OnlinePajak app. In OnlinePajak, your data is stored in a web database, so it will always be updated and automatically backed up.
6. Tax Easy - API-10001 Invalid tax invoice signature The signature does not match the data sent by the user. Please repeat the upload process. If you are not successful, please contact the Kring Pajak official.
7. Tax Easy - API-10002 does not allow transaction type code
8. Tax Easy - API-10004 The invoice number has been used. The tax invoice serial number has been uploaded and replaced with another tax invoice serial number
9. Tax Easy-API-10005 [1] The invoice date should be no later than the date of the system
[2] invoice number can only be used for trading
[3] The replacement tax invoice date cannot be less than the normal invoice date
[4] The invoice date should not be "NULL" [1] sufficiently clear
[2] Invoice number for non-compliant annual transactions
[3] Clear enough
[4] Clear enough [1] The invoice date should not exceed the current date
[2] Check digits seventh and eighth pairs of invoice numbers
[3] For invoices, the invoice surrogate date must be greater than or equal to the invoice being replaced
. [4] The date of the bill must be filled
10. Tax Easy-API-10010 [1] Buyer's NPWP is not registered with DGT
[2] Buyer's NPWP cannot be replaced [1] Enter the buyer's NPWP not in the DGT master file
[2] registration [1] re-check buyer tax number
[2] For alternative tax invoices, the NPWP must be the same as the normal invoice
11. Tax Easy - API-10015 The value of VAT is up to 10% of the value of the DPP. The value of VAT cannot exceed 10% DPP (rounded up) to ensure that the value of VAT does not exceed 10% of the DPP value.
12. Tax Easy-API-10016 The DPP / PPN / PPnBM value of the invoice object is less than 0. It is clear enough that the value of the invoice object must not be less than 0.
13. Tax Easy - API-10017 The canceled invoice has been cancelled. It is clear enough that the cancelled invoice cannot be cancelled.
14. Tax Easy - API-10018 The cancelled invoice has been cancelled. It is clear enough that the cancelled invoice cannot be cancelled.
15. Tax Easy - API-10020 An error occurred while displaying the "Output Tax Invoice" list Click the "Refresh" button to update the invoice list
16. Tax Easy - API-10021 DPP / PPN / PPnBM balance is insufficient The returned invoice balance is less than the return value Check the value of the last return
17. Tax Easy - API-20002 The invoice to be credited has been replaced. Upload the normal tax invoice before entering the alternative tax invoice. [1] In 2.0, you no longer need a normal tax invoice. Simply enter an alternate tax invoice once.
[2] Use the OnlinePajak app to make tax invoices easier without having to upload anything.
18. Tax Easy - API-20003 Invoice is not registered in the seller's NPWP There is NPWP information, tax value or incorrect tax invoice date. [1] Double check the invoice data you entered, including TIN, tax amount, tax period, and tax invoice date. This information must be identical to the information on the invoice.
[2] Avoid using invoice information errors every time you use OnlinePajak to draft invoices. At OnlinePajak, we can easily click on the invoice draft based on the data you have previously recorded.
19. Tax Easy - API-20006 Invoice date does not match the date listed in "Output Invoice" Clearly [1] Make sure your invoice date matches the date specified in the output invoice.
[2] Use the OnlinePajak app to automatically enter the invoice date and match your output invoice.
20. ETAX-API-20008
ETAx-API-20009 DPP value does not match the value specified in the output invoice The value of VAT does not meet the requirements of the output invoice [1] Enter the "Change Invoice" menu, manually change the number / value in the VAT section, depending on the error The number/value listed in the message column.
[2] Automatically calculate and enter VAT values ​​automatically using the OnlinePajak application.
twenty one. Tax Easy - API-20011 Invoice has been credited. Clearly check your invoice carefully
twenty two. Tax Easy - API-20019 Export Tax Invoice has not been cancelled Clearly check your output tax invoice carefully
twenty three. Tax Easy - API-20023 Insufficient DPP balance The return value exceeds the transaction value that should be returned. The total value returned does not exceed the transaction value.
twenty four. Tax Easy - API-30002 No input tax invoices to be returned are not found Unable to verify uploading tax returns Use the OnlinePajak app to easily and automatically verify input taxes and import tax data using the QR code application.
25. Tax Easy - API-30008 The value of VAT is up to 10% of the value of the DPP. The value of VAT cannot exceed 10% DPP (rounded) Check the value of the input DPP / PPN / PPnBM
26. Tax Easy-API-40008 Non-NPWP taxpayers can't return Tax invoice serial number uploaded
27. Tax Easy - API-40011 has registered the return voucher number for the same invoice with different details "Return order document number has been used for different transaction value dates" Return document number has been used with other transaction dates Check case "Upload returns "Returned date and value data
28. Tax Easy - API-40 012 Returns are not registered in the DGT. Please contact the counterparty. The counterparty has not uploaded the invoice return. Confirm the counterparty uploads the return order.
29. Tax Easy - API-40 013 No return found will be canceled Cannot find a return that will be canceled on the DGT Make sure the return has been uploaded and successfully approved.
30. Tax Easy-API-50 028 [1] No transaction counter NPW was found.
[2] Return before Etax Ready PKP. The NPWP for the transaction was not found in the DGT master file database, or the NP / NPWP NPWP has been revoked. Confirm with the buyer of the relevant NPWP. If you are not credited, you can use NPWP 00,000,000.0-000,000. In PKP, the buyer will credit the tax invoice, so it is recommended to activate the NPWP first.
31. Tax Easy-API-60011 Domestic VAT underpayment The file can only be generated if the payment is insufficient. Check the NTPN data on the parent form of the SPT Part IV. B
32. ETAX-API-60012 No details found Attached Check the NTPN / PBK data (Book-Transfer)
33. Tax Easy-API-60 014 [1] No SSP found
[2] SSP data not found in DGT database using SSP [1]
[2] SSP has been used to pay [1] Check your SSP and NTPN by contacting KPP
[2] Check if SSP and NTPN data have been entered before
ETAX Category: Error Code Effect Version 1.0 / Error Electronic Invoice Reason and Solution
No. eFacture Error 1.0 Code Electronic Invoice Error Description Cause Solution
34. Tax Easy-10001 Database Error [1] The file in the damaged db folder is missing or lost (for example: corrupted due to a copy of the database when the application is opened)
[2] There is no ETaxInvoice folder in the db folder, or there is no folder other than the ETaxInvoice folder created by the database add-in process.
[3] The application version is different from the db version
[4] PC PKP server is down / database has not been started as a server (in case of using network configuration db)
[1] Make sure the folder is db > ETaxInvoice contains the log folder, SEG0 and tmp and the files db.lck, README_DO_NOT_TOUCH_FILE and
[2] Make sure the db folder contains the ETaxInvoice folder, which contains the contents of the folder corresponding to the number [1], and there are no folders other than ETaxInvoice.
[3] Run the application when connected to the Internet to be able to update the application database.
[4] Make sure the server PC is open and the eFaktur application is running / start the database as a server from the File menu > Manage Db, then press the Start Db button as the server
35. Tax Easy-10002 Unable to retrieve data
36th place. The input of the Tax Easy-10003 database was unsuccessful. Check that the data to be entered again The connection between the server and the client (network database) is broken Make sure that the server PC and client are properly connected, then repeat the process.
37. Tax Easy-10004 No data found
38. Tax Easy-10005 Cannot find the database Some possibilities that may occur include deleting the DB folder and causing the application to not find the virus in the electronic invoice database location [1] Ensure that the electronic invoice database is in the database application folder
[2] If you use the OnlinePajak application, you don't have to worry about the virus database or the virus database is not found. Because your data is securely stored in the cloud, it's easy to find through a sophisticated search system and accessible anytime, anywhere.
39. Tax Easy -10006 Unable to start the database as a network server Open the port used for database connection before making sure that the port for database connection is open
40. Tax Easy-20001 NPWP is incomplete [1] Record or import transaction counter reference with NPWP entry less than 15 digits
[2] Record or import NPWP entries with empty trades or less than 15 digit invoices or other vouchers. Fill in the NPWP correctly in the input form and the CSV file to be imported.
41. Tax Easy -20002 Invoice Number Registered Use the previously entered invoice number to record/import invoices Use the OnlinePajak app that syncs with your e-NOFA account so you can easily find your NFSP.
42. Tax Easy -20003 No invoice number found [1] Return unapproved eTax invoice
[2] Record/import other files to replace other files that have not been entered into the local database
43. Tax Easy-20004 The number format is incorrect The data entry does not match the specified format. [1] Fill in DPP, PPN, PPnBM fields, prices, quantity of goods, discount figures.
[2] If there is a small value, please use:
[3] dot character as the decimal separator of the import mechanism
[4]Comma character as the break separator entered from the interface
44. Tax Easy -20005 NPWP format is not suitable NPWP data entries do not match the format and / or do not match the digital check Fill in the NPWP with 15 digits and correct