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eca kombi arıza kodlar lo
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Eca kombi arıza kodlar lo
Confeo Plus fault code
The information we provide in the article includes the fault code and its meaning in the combined boiler.
24 fault Air pressure switch problem.
Solution The Eca Confeo Plus combination boiler is sealed. In this case, a fan failure may occur. There may also be a possibility of disconnection or associated cable breakage. There may also be problems with the suggestor or the motherboard. You cannot perform any process as a user. You must be assisted by the service.
Eca Confeo Plus fault code
01 Fault Error code, indicating over-temperature lock.
Solution In this case, we can see that the temperature of the heating circuit rises above 105 °C. In this case, you must ensure that the heating valve is opened first. At least 3 heating valves must be opened. Then reset the boiler. If the results are not available after the reset, you will need to provide service assistance. The heating system may be clogged, the heating filter may be clogged, the pump may get stuck, the main heat exchanger may be calcified or clogged, and the three-way valve may change position. You should call the service department for a clear diagnosis and intervention.
06 Fault temperature too high warning.
Solution When this error code appears on the display; the Confeo Plus combi boiler warns when it overheats. In this case, the heating valve in the equipment operating in the heating position must be checked. If the water pressure is low, press water and the device must be reset. If the problem does not improve after the application, you should get service assistance.
12 Fault The heating circuit is a problem with the flow sensor.
Solution In this case, the cable may be disconnected or the connection may be in place. This may be the case if the corresponding cables are in contact with each other. The heating circuit flow sensor may also be faulty. Get service help to clearly detect and resolve problems.
14 fault Hot water sensor problem.
Solution In this case, you will experience hot water problems. This can be a problem if the hot water sensor fails, the sensor connection breaks short or the pipe is wet. In this case, the user should not interfere with the device and you should be assisted by the service.
Flame detection
04 Fault 3 The burner was not ignited after ignition.
Solution In this case, the device does not work because it does not trigger. In this sense, it is impossible to obtain efficiency from the device. You must reset your device multiple times to resolve the issue. If this application does not work, check the intake valve. The air valve must be open. If the device still does not perform ignition after all of these applications, there may be a problem with the ignition ionization electrode, the gas owner or the electronic card. You should get help from the Eca service.
05 Fault The error code indicates that the flame has been experienced.
Solution If this error code is displayed on the Confeo Plus combination display, we can say that the burner will experience a loss of flame when the device is running. In this case, you must first reset the device as a user. The reset app doesn't work, and if the problem is still not available on the device, the Eca Kombi service needs help. In this case, ionizing the electrode, gas valve or electronic card can be a problem.
11 faults False flame signal.
Solution This means that although the gas valve is closed, a flame is detected in the burner. In this case, try resetting the device first. Perform up to 3 resets. If the problem persists after resetting, get help from the Eca service. The valve may be defective, there may be a problem with the electronic board or the ionizing electrode may be defective.
32 Fault The fault code indicates a voltage problem.
Solution In this case, the supply voltage is below 160 V. This value should be approximately 220 V. In this case, you should wait until the voltage is restored for a while. This problem has already appeared in the cold autumn and winter seasons. If the device cannot be recovered after waiting for a while, it cannot interfere with the device. The electronic card may be damaged or burnt due to low voltage. When the electronic card is disturbed, the problem will be corrected. There are only options for repeating the question. To do this, you must use a boiler regulator.
Water pressure
40 fault Low water pressure error.
Solution In this case, if you check the water pressure of the device, you will find it is about 0.6 bar. The system is blocked in this fault code, so you can't get any efficiency from the device. Therefore, in order to improve efficiency, it is necessary to standardize the water value. In the Confeo Plus combination, the fill faucet is blue at the bottom left. It turns on when you turn left, the water will sound when you turn it on, and the water will start. Continue to press water until the 40 fault codes on the display are cleared. When cleared, the number of degrees will appear on the screen. Turn the filling faucet to the right and close the filling faucet. Press the small button at the top of the screen to display the water pressure value. The display will show the pressure value. If there are no improvements after the program, you must perform a reset operation. If you can't get results or you can't get results, you can call Eca.
Air valve
20 Fault indicates that the gas valve circuit is faulty.
Solution In this case, reset the only application you need to execute as a user. If the problem does not improve after resetting the application, you should get help from the Eca service without interfering with the device.