Corsair CORSAIR Flash Survivor - 8GB - USB Flash Drive Test

Blue USB flash drive cable, USB extension cable are available. The item is in good condition. The drive is also 8GB. Tested with test software.
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  ATTO Disk Benchmarks test results: Home of USB Flash Drives
  Write 7M/S, read 33M/S. The read speed is similar to that of my portable hard drive, which is great.
  hd tach test results:
  31M/S. Cool? The read speed is even faster than my laptop's hard drive by a few megabytes.
  HDTune test results: 
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  EVEREST Ultimate Edition test results: Home of the USB drive
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  Average speed 30M/S
  Write the 8G USB drive to the full, copy the ghost image to the USB drive, and then run ghost itself to check if there are any abnormalities in the image on the USB drive: 
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  Haha, as you can see, I wrote the full size and only have 396KB of space left. I copied a lot of backup images of the system to see if there would be any abnormalities when reading and writing. USB flash drive home
  I used ghost to open the backup image on the flash drive and used ghost's own check function to check the integrity of the files, and the speed was good. The test is passed. Then I copied the image from the USB stick to my local disk and tested it again. No problem.
  At least I made sure that when the flash drive was full, the files were intact and usable when I took them out. Home of the flash drive
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  Corsair CORSAIR Flash Survi.
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