Kingston Cluster Master DT 100G3 USB flash drive repair repair an example

Generally USB flash drives can be repaired by mass production, but if the U disk can not be repaired by mass production, it is generally a hardware problem, here is an example of a particularly simple hardware problem repair tutorial: Kingston USB flash drives as an example.
  Kingston DataTraveler 111/DT 100G3 USB flash drive capacity 8G are usb3.0 are group of United ps2251-03 master control, the same version of the device, only the posted F is not the same.
  The former is tlc toshiba later some is magnesium 8g mlc are 8k page.
  Symptom: received the disk. Inserted into the computer prompted unrecognized hardware. Dismantle the disk short connect data foot forced reset many times, can prompt the discovery of new hardware, but the mass production software mass production to pre-formatted (preformat when) suddenly dropped the disk, and then repeatedly try to short connect data foot forced reset, can not find new hardware.
  Solution: Touch the main control, no hot feeling, there should be no short circuit. Because the hands of a piece of dt 100 g3 bare disk, this disk and 111 is the same board type, began to compare measurements, measured to the main voltage 5v, there is a problem with the board is low, only about 4v, 3.3v voltage is only 2.7v, judged that there may be a resistor problem, measured to the figure below 1R0 1 ohm resistor, multimeter test shows more than 100 ohms, remove the separate measurement, the resistance value of 26 ohms, much larger than the value of 26 ohms. The resistance value of 26 ohms, much larger than the nominal value, to find the same type of 0603 package resistor solder, inserted into the computer, shorted the data bit reset, mass production once over.
  In summary: some disks can not be produced, in addition to software settings, sometimes also need to troubleshoot the hardware circuit.
  TLC disk, write very slowly, read quite fast.

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