USB drive can not read out, how to do the real solution

  We must have encountered many kinds of problems when using a USB flash drive, especially when the USB flash drive is used for a long time, the problem is highlighted, today we are talking about the USB flash drive can not read out this problem, encountered whether it feels very sad, the USB flash drive scrapped? In fact, many times just a small problem caused by a simple operation to fix it, the method described here is absolutely effective, for the flash drive can not read out, but the computer does have a flash drive icon when the most effective, because since the flash drive in the lower right corner of the icon, it means that the flash drive is actually recognized by the computer, just some reasons for not reading out, and the cause of this problem is mostly Most of the reasons for this problem are due to driver conflicts. So we start from the driver part of the usb drive can be solved, this solution does not limit the system, win7, win8, 32 and 64-bit can be solved, the method is as follows.
  1, in the usb drive has been inserted into the computer on the basis of click on the Start menu, select Control Panel.
  2, in the control panel to find the device manager, double-click it.
  3, in the main interface of the device manager to find the universal serial bus controller.
  4, find the usb mass storage device, select it and right click to find the uninstall
  5, after uninstallation, the usb drive out, and then the usb drive plugged in on the solution.
  Summary: In fact, the usb drive can not read out of the solution is so simple, no need for professional knowledge and how much technical content, many times is the driver caused by the read, of course, this method also has a chance of not successful, if you are also distressed by this problem, hurry up and try it, you have other methods below the message can share to everyone.

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