i 94 viopp

i 94 viopp

Arrival/Departure Forms: I94 and I94W, U.S. Customs

Foreign visitors to the U.S. arriving via air or sea no longer need to complete paper Customs and Border Protection Form I94 Arrival/Departure Record or Form I94W Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Arrival/Departure Record. Those who need to prove their legalvisitor status—to employers, schools/universities or government agencies—can access their CBP arrival/departure record

I94 Period of Admission, Visa Stamp in Passport CBP Error

Answer: D. The period of authorized stay a business visitor or tourist can remain in the U.S. is controlled by their I94 Entry and Departure Record within the Customs and Border Protection database. Usually, though not always, this period coincides with the stamped date in the Nonimmigrant’s passport.

I94出入境记录卡补办操作指南 USLawChina

只有交出I94卡,移民局才能确定你已按期离境,否则你今后再申请去美国时就会遇到麻烦。 另外,CBP于2013年4月26日宣布正式启用出入境电子系统,外国人通过航空航海方式入境美国不必再填写出入境记录卡I94,所有的出入境数据通过电子方式保存。

再问一个:什么是I94? 百度知道

I94是入境美国时候外国公民要填的入境卡片。白色的小卡片。一般在飞机和船上会发给你,如果你入境是开车或者走路,那就在边检的地方可以拿到I94表格。你填写了I94表,要填你的基本信息,等。每个I94表格都有一个号码,叫做Admission Number。

US Business VISA Before you travel

like VIOPP is only for expired passports (of the same country) Nope I had ( now surrendered ) an active I94 on an expired passport ( South Asian) and entered on my Swiss passport which was stamped VIOPP. The Swiss ones are much the same as the Aussie ones i.e. Visa Waiver passports.

Note on B2 visa stampwhat does it mean Immigration

My mother extended her stay last time she was here. When she entered the coutry this time she got 6 month B2 visa. There are no notes on departure record but on the stamp in her pasport it says B2 visa, October 1, 2006 (entered), March 31, 2007 (expires), and hand written note VIOPP (it looks like)or VIOPD (can''t read it well).

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