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Sapiosexual meaning. Sapiosexual is characterized as a person who is attracted to an individual for their intelligence. It is a type of sexual orientation where a person craves intellectual stimulation. However, many don’t view it as a real orientation, as they feel it is not related to gender preferences but some experts validate it as an

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Sapiosexual, less controversially known as scisexual or cognisexual, can be defined as when one only experiences sexual attraction to individuals they experience mental attraction to, intellectually bond with, are inspired by, or admire for their unique intellectual beauty. In this case, it may be considered a subset of mesi asexual, aliquasexual, demisexual, and apressexual. Sapiosexuality

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什么是智性恋(sapiosexual)? 这个词的词根是拉丁语中的sapiens,指的是智慧,而后半截就是英文里的sexual。 还挺好理解的,就像异性恋指的是“只


当我们看到天生丽质的美女、勇猛健硕的鲜肉时,这些性特征都会唤起我们一种本能的好感,通常我们也会用性感来形容他们~ 在英语里,性感的对应的单词是Sexy,基本上可以毫无悬念地向异性表达出你对TA肉肉的欣赏~ 不过最近,在英语里出现了一个新词——Sapiosexual,从词根上来看,貌似和

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sapiosexual definition: 1. a person who is sexually attracted to intelligent people 2. sexually attracted to intelligent. Learn more.

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Sapiosexuality means that sexual attraction is largely or even primarily dependent on the high intelligence of a prospective mate. Learn more about sapiosexual attraction and identity.


sapiosexual的意思、解释及翻译:1. a person who is sexually attracted to intelligent people 2. sexually attracted to intelligent。了解更多。 想要学更多吗? 通过剑桥 “英语词汇使用” 增加词汇量。 学习自己需要的词汇,在交流中充满信心。

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【sapiosexual】智性恋。adj. 被他人的智识所吸引的;n. 被他人智识所吸引的人。大眼一看,这个词瞬间解 我真希望sheldon可以有丝分裂出很多个sheldon来给我玩,一个用来解方程,一个用来研究弦理论,一个专门用来被我玩哭。

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