broagh poem analysis

broagh poem analysis

Broagh by Seamus Heaney Analysis

The poem ‘acts as the linguistic paradigm for a reconciliation beyond sectarian division’ (NC468). The poet confessed that the ‘languagey poems’ (DOD124) eased his professional conscience by bridging the gap between his working language (English) and his Ulster Irish origins.

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In Broagh, the Irish poetic technique named Dinnshenchas is employed, the literal Irish meaning being “place lore”. Through this, the poet explores the naming of the place and can often draw parallels between the name of the place and the setting’s characteristics.

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Briefly discuss the overall structure and rhythm of Broagh. Quatrane, enjambment in every line, no rhyme scheme (wild like the river), the actual shape of the poem is like a river. 2 of 5. Discuss the lexical choices within stanza 1 and 2. ''canopied'' and ''broad docken'' Wild area. ''bruised easily'' Contrasts with strength and uncertainty

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The first of three placename poems: ‘Anahorish’, ‘Broagh’ and ‘Toome’ are existing communities within a 2 or 3 mile radius of Mossbawn where the poet’s happy childhood unfolded. Heaney attended Anahorish Primary School and featured the townland in a number of pieces. Enigmatically Anahorish does not appear by name on current Ordnance Survey maps yet its identity is memorialized

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By subjecting Broagh to a deconstructive analysis, the linguistic and ideological contradictions of the poem can be articulated. Writing in Preoccupations , Heaney had this to say about the placename poems of Wintering Out : ''Mossbawn was bordered by the townlands of Broagh and Anahorish, townlands that are forgotten Gaelic music in the throat

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The poem is written in the style of an elegy, as it commemorates a dead youth. The first stanza establishes the ominous and foreboding tone that characterizes the poem. The first line has a sense of mundanity and banality, as it appears to describe a typical, every day situation "I sat all morning in the college sick bay."

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The poem, a simple sonnet, quietly recalls the mood of that campaign, in which unarmed, uneducated plowboys terrorized the great estates of the absent English overlords until they were hemmed in...

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A lyric poem is a musically inclined, short verse that speaks on poignant and powerful emotions. Third Person Point of View The third person narrative perspective is a literary style in which the narrator tells a story about a variety of characters.

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