marimo moss ball distilled water

marimo moss ball distilled water

Marimo Moss Balls Retreat Interiors

Moss ball care is easy! You’ll want to change out the water in your Moss Ball terrarium once a week. We recommend using distilled water. However, you can use tap water as well. Simply fill a jug or glass of water and allow it to sit out on your counter for 24 hours before using it. You’ll also want to gently squeeze your Moss Ball to help it maintain its nice round shape. In nature, the current of the water will

Marimo Moss Ball Care Guide – Planting, Growing, and

The Marimo Moss balls prefer cool water conditions since it occurs naturally in cool lakes. In the tank, provide water temperature conditions of less than 24 °C (75 F) and keep the tank away from direct sunlight. During summer when the temperature is hot, consider moving the moss balls to a cooler place for a while.

Basic Marimo Temperature and Water Requirements

Despite the “moss balls” moniker, Aegagropila linnaei is actually a unique form of waterborne algae which is well suited for plant enthusiasts of all levels of experience. In addition to their unusually fuzzy, bouncy shape, Marimo are not very demanding in terms of temperature and water requirements, and can even provide filterlike benefits to fish []

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