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Contact Information. 909 Lake Shore Dr. Lake Park, FL . Get Directions. (305) . BBB Rating & Accreditation. This business is not BBB Accredited F

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Active works in the United States, coloadtest com can help you for regarding and testing performs of your applications. This platform enable users to learn and know more about the software or web pages on their smartphone, PC, or laptop. By using this coloadtest com, you can ensure all of your application still work correctly or not.

Unauthorized Charge from COLOADTEST Early

Unauthorized Charge from COLOADTEST. Hi Guys, Has anyone noticed a fraudulent charge on their credit cards in the past week from "COLOADTEST" Just saw $1.55 charged on my Amex and I think this is a widespread scam. Not sure if it requires a credit card replacement, I simply disputed it on the Amex website.

Unrecognized charge from COLOADTEST

Unrecognized charge from COLOADTEST. Post. by gwe67 Fri Feb 19, 2021 7:12 pm. Looks like there''s a popular scam going on right now with fraudulent charges from coloadtest. My Citi credit card was just charged for $1.95. This is a card that is not used online or in person. It hasn''t been used in over a year, and sits in a safe.

Widespread Unauthorized Transactions – Check Your

Widespread Unauthorized Transactions – Check Your Accounts (coloadtest, SUMUP) admin. February 23, 2021. 1:19 pm. A few days ago we reported that some BBVA select cardholders were being hit with fraudulent transactions. Unfortunately it seems that the problem is more widespread than this as a lot of readers are reporting similar

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. February 25, 2021 at 4:09 pm by. RH from Ohio. This number is related to a fraudulent credit card scheme. Small charges appear on credit card statement as ANGELA SINGLETON WV US. These charges may appear concurrently with COLOADTEST COLOADTEST.CO FL US. Review your statements carefully.


P: (904) F: (904) . Please note that the above email address is not HIPAA compliant and is for inquiries only. If you are a current client and/or new client and need to reach us regarding lab orders or results, please call the office directly at (904) or fax your requests to (904) and we will assist you.

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