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sette bikes

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Are Sette bikes good It’s a solid bike. He paid something like 1,300 or 1,400 on Price Point. Decent components and pretty standard geometry. You won’t beat the price of a Sette bike, and as you’ve mentioned that is price per component specification too. Are Transition bikes made in the USA

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Is the Sette bike line any good So since there a newer company you would give them a pass There frames have tons of R&D, they are all well known designs that have been around for many years and have been used by many companies and have no known weaknesses in the frames like a lot of other mass produced main stream companies that come out with untested new designs every year.

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Sette Xion Road Bike $500 (Viroqua) A great bike, in fairly good condition.The front and rear breaks work perfectly and it shifts perfectly. It has a Shimano derailleur and gear shifting system, also Shimano brakes front and rear, and Bontrager handlebars, The bike weighs 18lbs and is incredibly smooth, efficient and satisfying to ride! Frame size is about 20.5 inches or 52 cm.

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Sette Derro Mountain Bike with Full Suspension $835 (NW Austin/ Cedar Park) Sette Derro Mountain bike with full suspension and 26" tires in great shape, MSRP $1500 selling for $835 or best offer.Yes it is available. Serious inquiry only and include your number to avoid the scammers online.Local sale and cash onlymybicycles.

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Posts. Sette Bikes. July 17, 2012 . Our friends over at PricePoint offering an industry first In Stock Guarantee on everything including Sette Products. If they don''t have it in stock you get 10% off when it comes in! pricepoint. Price Point Where price is the point. 99. 8 Comments.

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On some of the Sette bikes it''s like getting the frame for free..The components are worth the price alone. Develop a good relationship with your LBS..I''d suggst even give them an opportunity to sell you an equal bike within say +10% of the price, if they cannot say "thanks" but you''ll get my service and supply business.

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The Sette Vexx $2400 complete. Bikes that are available in the 2011 Sette bike line will be the new high mod carbon fiber road bikes and XC mountain bikes. Sette’s flagship of road bikes named Forza will feature high end components from Shimano, Mavic and 3T, with weights in sub 16 pound range for 57cm bikes, Forza will also be offered as a

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Jun 24, 2009. #1. So I''m looking for a really cheap road bike to make a (less than) 10 mile commute on. I have been scouring Craigslist but can''t find anything overly impressive. Now I''ve come across the Sette R3 Road Bike over on Pricepoint. It''s on sale for $500 (originally $900).

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The versatile street legal vehicle can be ridden on most bike paths and public roads without a license, insurance or registration. VIEW BIKES SUPER73 ZSERIES. The SUPER73Z1 is a friendly entrylevel electric motorbike that packs a punch. The compact frame and 500 watt internal hub motor is an excellent vehicle for anyone wanting the feel of a

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