vexillary aestivation examples

vexillary aestivation examples

Some are the examples given below. How many of them

Some are the examples given below. How many of them have vexillary aestivation Gram, Arhar, Soyabean, Lupin, Petunia, Tobacco, Mulaithi, Asparagus

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In such arrangement, two petals or sepals are outside, two are insede and fifth is outside on one margin and inside on another margin e.g., Guava. Vexillary: It occurs in flower whorl of five petals. In such arrangement, one posterior petal is largest which covers two lateral petals.

Aestivation in Plants Definition, Perianth & Types

2 天前Example: Mustard, Annona and Calotropis flower

define aestivation explain different types of aestivation

Twisted aestivation: One margin of the appendage overlaps the margin of the next appendage. Such type of aestivation is seen in lady’s finger, china rose and cotton. 3.

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Valvate, twisted, imbricate and vexillary are types of aestivation. A: Valvate aestivation In this sepals or petals or tepals just touch one another without any overlapping, e.g. Calotropis.

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