gregory kanczes

gregory kanczes

Fitness model accused of stabbing Hell''s Kitchen

Geoffrey Tracy, 25, of Gilroy, Calif., allegedly stabbed 50yearold Gregory Kanczes 16 times after the older man tried to grab his privates, according to police and a source close to the case.

Bodybuilder Pleads Not Guilty After Stabbing Gay

by Brandon Voss 9/23/2018. Geoffrey Tracy, a 25yearold personal trainer and fitness model, has admitted in court to stabbing 50yearold roommate Gregory Kanczes

Geoffrey Tracy bodybuilder pleads not guilty to Gregory

The admission follows Geoffrey Tracy stabbing Gregory Kanczes 16 times a few days after moving to New York to dance at a gay strip club last month. Newly released court papers revealed Tracy confessing, ‘ The guy tried to make moves on me, I told him no, then he said he’d shoot me so I

Bodybuilder Stabs Gay Roommate 16 Times, Pleads Not

The 25yearold bodybuilder admitted in court to stabbing his 50yearold roommate, Gregory Kanczes 16 times. The stabbing took place last month. Tracy

Fitness Model Who Stabbed Roommate 16 Times For

Geoffrey Tracy, a 25yearold fitness model and stripper, admitted in court papers to trying to kill his 50yearold roommate Gregory Kanczes by stabbing him 16 times in the neck, chest, and

Fitness model admitted stabbing roommate for making a

The 25yearold personal trainer, originally from Gilroy, Calif., also admitted that he ditched the knife in a dumpster, court papers allege. Kanczes, who was stabbed in the neck, chest and...

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