diaper boy stories

diaper boy stories

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Diaperboys Stories. Adam, Blake and Cooper are 12 year or fraternal triplets. Though the boys very different, it seems like something is able to bring them closer. This story was originall... This was a commission that someone wanted me to do for them. Ricardo goes

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Cody the Diaper Boy Next Door: Part 8 (A Very Special Christmas) The bond between Cody and his neighbour Josh has deepened as the daily rituals of diapering the boy have brought out feelings in both of them. When we last left our story, the older man had found a word to describe that feeling – “Daddy”and he struggled to overcome the

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Memoirs of a Diaper Boy * 1295K: 02/25/07 (029,000,001,000) 3.93 (30) Memoirs of a Diaper Boy II * 908K: 04/19/09 (030,001,002,000) 3.85 (33) Memories of Holiday Camp: 73K: 07/17/05 (000,000,001,000) 2.00 (1) Mike: 13K: 09/11/05 (007,002,001,001) 3.36 (11) Mikee''s Diapers: 25K: 04/07/02 (002,002,000,000) 3.50 (4) Mike''s Morning: 9K: 10/09/05

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A Very Brady Bathroom. Ever wonder why you never see the toilets in The Brady Bunch bathroom

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My Little Diaper Boy. "Blake come on we''ve got to get going or you''ll be late," Blake''s mom yelled down the hall."I''m coming," Blake said shutting down his computer. Blake was ready and he got in the car. "Are you excited" Blake''s mom asked. "No I''m not," Blake said trying to ignore his mom.

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Original Stories by Deeker Listed : Name of Submitter or Title: Length: Date Submitted or Last Update: Content Codes: Rating (# responses) Two Thousand Miles in Diapers: 105K: 01/01/00.B..EFGHIJKLMNO..R.TU.W.Y....4..789 (030,014,001,003) 3.48 (48) Becoming a Diaper Boy * 2529K: 01/01/00.B..EFGHIJKLMNOP.R.TU.WX....345.789 (039,004,005,003) 3

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Here''s a story of how one boy (he was 12 in I believe the 60''s or 70''s) received his punishment. He was wearing a sailortype suit with shorts, like his older brother. He drank two glasses of milk and one of water on the last morning at their relatives'' house in New York.

Josh Taylor''s Story, Josh Taylor''s Story Diaper Dreams

Josh Taylor''s Story. Author: Chris. Chapter 1. Wow I can’t believe it, summer vacation is over and I’m back in school. I’m in my third period English class and the teacher has just asked us to write a short paper on our summer vacation for our homework assignment. Let me back up for those of you who don’t know me I’m Josh I live here

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