photoview for google photos

photoview for google photos

PhotoView for Google Photos Roku

View your Google Photo Albums at the touch of a button! Link your Roku device to multiple Google accounts, allowing for playback of your albums for years to come. Built in screensavers let you stream your photos while your Roku device is not active.

About Us – PhotoView for Google Photos on Roku

The ‘PhotoView for Google Photos’ Roku channel was developed by Chris Taylor. It was developed due to the lack of quality Photo applications available on the Roku platform. It’s come a long way since the original release. v1.x – Released in 2016

Link Roku Device – PhotoView for Google Photos on Roku

Enter code below. Linking your Google account will provide the PhotoView application with the following permission: “View your Google Photos library” – Required to view your photos. The PhotoView ROKU application will never make any changes to your albums.

Frequently Asked Questions – PhotoView for Google

Google Photos imposes a global limit on the number of items that can be downloaded in a 24hour period within the PhotoView app. This limit collectively applies to all users of the application, so we’re talking in the ten’s of millions of downloads per day.

Link Successful – PhotoView for Google Photos on Roku

Link Successful. You have successfully linked your Google account to your Roku device. Please return to your device and it should refresh in the next 510 seconds. Please consider donating to help keep this channel free. Thank you! Note: You may remove your account link at any time by going to: Setting > Remove account from Device.


You configure photoview to search for media directly from the file system. The media is then automatically organized based on the file structure, directories will become albums that are populated with the photos and videos found inside it. It will automatically rescan for

PhotoView Screensaver only accesses small subset of

I absolutely love PhotoView and think it serves a huge need on the Screensaver option (when serving up random photos from Google Photos). The only problem is that it accesses only a very small subset of photos (50 100), when I have a couple thousand photos. In addition, it accesses archived photos as well, would be nice if it skipped these.

Google Photos

Google Photos is the home for all your photos and videos, automatically organized and easy to share.

Photo viewer for Windows 10

To browse photos within a folder, open a photo from the Folders view or File Explorer, then swipe right or use the arrow keys to see the next item. Click on a photo to show the buttons at the top, including Zoom, Delete, Rotate, Edit & Create, Share, and Print.

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