pennzoil dex merc atf specs

pennzoil dex merc atf specs

PENNZOIL DEX MERC ATF High Performance Automatic

PENNZOIL DEX MERC ATF is a high quality automatic transmission fluid based on high viscosity index mineral oils and carefully selected additives. It is blended to meet the stringent requirements of leading automotivetransmission manufacturers for GM DEXRONIII(H) and Ford MERCON historic performance. PERFORMANCE, FEATURES & BENEFITS

Material Safety Data Sheet According to OSHA Hazard

Pennzoil Dex/Merc ATF MSDS# Version 1.1 Material Safety Data Sheet Effective Date 02/05/2014 According to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200 4/9 Print Date 07/03/2014 MSDS US Exposure Controls: The level of protection and types of controls necessary will vary depending upon potential exposure conditions.

Automatic Transmission Fluid A Quality Multi Functional

Pennzoil Automatic Transmission Fluid A Quality Multi Functional Fluid For Automatic And Powershift Transmissions TECHNICAL DATA SHEET PENNZOIL DEXRONIII MERCON is a new generation petroleum based fluid for automatic and powershift transmissions. It is fully qualified as both a DEXRONIII and MERCON lubricant surpassing General Motors specification 6297M and Ford

Platinum LV MultiVehicle ATF, Pennzoil

Pennzoil Platinum LV MultiVehicle ATF. Premium performance, synthetic technology fluid designed to meet the needs of multiple vehicle types for service fill in automatic transmission service. Pennzoil Platinum TM LV MultiVehicle ATF meets the needs of many automatic transmissions 1 that require medium viscosity automatic transmission fluid.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Application Guide

MaxLife ATF, MERCON V, DEX / MERC, Import MV ATF Oasis SLF Honda ATF Z1 MaxLife ATF, Import MV ATF Late June 2000 and later Hombre P/N , Spec. Available from dealer 2004: Axiom, Rodeo W/ 3.5L Isuzu Genuine ATF MaxLife ATF, Import MV ATF Jaguar : XJ6, XJ12, XJL, XJS except as noted AF3 DEXRON III MaxLife ATF, MERCON V

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