aram mmr

aram mmr

What Is My MMR League of Legends MMR Checker (NA)

MMR or M atch M aking R ating is a number used by League of Legends to represent a player’s skill level. Your MMR determines the opponents you play against and is unique for each game mode. WhatIsMyMMR specifically tracks solo nonpremade games played in ranked, normal, and ARAM queues. Read more about MMR on Riot’s website.

ARAM MMR (NA) LeagueOfGraphs

The two scores (the one for season and the one for past 30 days) are computed using those rules: +1 tier → score * 4. +12% winrate (compared to the average for that champion/role) → score * 2. +100% KDA (compared to the average for that champion/role) → score * 1.33. Players must play a minimum of 10 games to be ranked.

A fanmade website calculating MMR for ARAM Not A

Many players asked Riot to develop a Rank system in ARAM, and one of them solved the issue. Although Howling Abyss has been a map of League of Legends for a long time, Riot did not make Rank mode for this map. Due to the high demand of players, a fancreated website, which shows MMR for each account on this map, was released:

ARAM MMR (NA) LeagueOfGraphs

> ARAM MMR (na) 概覽 英雄 记录 所有英雄 所有角色 第 Season 11 賽季 录制 所有英雄 亞歷斯塔 亞菲利歐 伊澤瑞爾 伊瑞莉雅 伊羅旖 伊芙琳 伊莉絲 克雷德 克黎思妲 凱特琳

ARAM MMR Summoner Stats League of Legends

ARAM MMR / / Lv. 173. A rating system that measures a users performance within a game by combining stats related to role, laning phase, kills / deaths / damage / wards / damage to objectives etc.

League of Legends Analytics LoLalytics Patch 11.17

Live. FILTER: ARAM x 79. Draft 5v5 x 11. Ultbook x 5. Solo/Duo x 2. Flex 5v5 x 2. Bots x 1. 15.


A list of high level ARAM players in EUNE. This is a list of high level ARAM players in EUNE. It updates daily using What Is My MMR and OP.GG. Players on the list are added when they play with someone in the top 150 and are kept for as long as they stay in the top 500.

ARAM Academy League of Legends Builds + Stats

ARAM Academy is the ultimate source of competitive ARAM statistics. Mirror the top ARAMexclusive Builds, analyze the Tierlist, and climb the Leaderboards.

ARAM League of Legends

51 Realtime LoL Stats! Check your Summoner, Live Spectate and using powerful global League of Legends Statistics!

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