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GitHub calamitykdawg/BurstlyANE: Burstly Adobe Native

SkyRocket Ads Introduction. com.burstly.plugins.BurstlyAds provides a bridge to all native SkyRocket ads functionality and corresponds onetoone to all available native SDK methods / functionality. Class Method Reference trackDownload:

Burstly Lets Mobile App Developers Set Up Storefronts To

And to help launch the new feature, Burstly has teamed with a very popular app store developer: Newtoy, the company behind the hit game Words With Friends. Burstly Lets Mobile App Developers Set

Burstly launches inapp ad SDK for iPad, Pocket Gamer.biz

Inapp advertising specialist Burstly has launched its SDK for iPad the firm claiming it is looking to fill the current gap in ad monetisation partners on the platform. Previously called AppAds, the startup currently offers developers a marketplace where they can either buy or sell advertising, with Burstly taking a 10 percent cut.

I Just Invested in @Burstly, a Mobile Ad Management

I’m very pleased today to announce (via TechCrunch) that I invested, on behalf of GRP Partners, in Burstly alongside Rincon Venture Partners, an early stage VC in Southern California whith whom we love to work (and were our coinvestors on RingRevenueTechCrunch) that I invested, on behalf of GRP Partners, in Burstly alongside Rincon Venture

android 如何在Android中将突发广告移动到屏幕中心

How to move burstly ads to the center of the screen in android 发表于 17:51:56 活跃于 19:12:35 查看 200 次 android unity3d burstly MainActivity正在扩

burstly – TechCrunch

TestFlight Owner Burstly Acquired By Apple. Sarah Perez, Ryan Lawler, Darrell Etherington. 9:56 AM PSTFebruary 21, 2014. Burstly, the makers of

Angry Birds和广告系统泄露个人信息——FireEye对Angry

首先,我们关注的是那些信息被传送到广告库中。. 图5显示了“愤怒小鸟”的信息流:“愤怒小鸟”的云端,Burstly (内嵌广告库和广告中介平台),以及Jumptap和Millennial Media等这些基于云的广告服务。. “愤怒的小鸟”通过Burstly对广告进植入,它提供了大量的第

Apple Acquires TestFlight Owner Burstly MacStories

Burstly’s portfolio of tools wasn’t limited to mobile ads, and the company acquired TestFlight in 2012 to unify its monetization services with a solution for developers to manage installations of unfinished apps. On the day of the acquisition, BurstlyTestFlight introduced TestFlight Live, a first attempt at combining technical app

一篇文章读懂 Ad Network、Ad Exchange、DSP、SSP

随着技术的发展,Ad Exchange也变得越来越灵活,功能越来越强。过去,股票的交易不是实时的,因为受技术的限制,往往要T+1或者T+2什么的(就是推迟一天两天)才能完成交易,那个时候可能价格什么的又变了。

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