xvoice debian

xvoice debian

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Voice control 3. Voice control. A good number of people who were at the meeting yesterday (14th March 2005 for those reading this sometime after posting) will no doubt have discussed this in the break. It got me thinking a bit since the IBM ViaVoice has been discontinued on the Linux platform and I couldn’t think of any current projects in

login Logging in using voice commands with GDM Unix

*Xvoice (requires ViaVoice to function) *Verbio ASR is a commercial speech recognition server for Linux and windows platforms. *Platypus is a open source shim that will allow Dragon NaturallySpeaking running under wine to work with any linux x11 application.



Voice Recognition in Linux

Using CentOS 5. On the subject of recognition software, see Perlboxvoice, not been able to get 100% success but maybe my sound card. It allows the setting up of commands to be run on receipt af a specific word. Thank you, Doug. cbdee000 rxp fd:00 /lib/libc2.5.so.

speech recognition & Speech synthesis[zz] Daniel Cao 的

I think this is very useful. the Standard Edition (lowend version) will set you back around $100. Tutorial Speech synthesis: It is good for newbie to read. Windows 语音编程初步一、SAPI简介软件中的语音技术包括两方面的内容,一个是语音识别 ( speech recognition) 和语音合成 ( speech

MMMVoiceControl Magic Mirror Module Voice Control

XVoice provides voice control of X applications using IBM''s ViaVoice for Linux (free download at their web site). Both userdefined commands and dictation are supported. It can be used to write letters, write code, control netscape, etc.

Portable Freedom with Debian – OSnews

I run Debian Unstable with the 2.6.8 kernel, Gnome 2.8, OpenOffice.org, Thunderbird, and Firefox. I typically keep these applications open on separate virtual desktops. Any deficiency in the notebook’s loading speed is offset by the instanton and instantoff of opening and closing the lid.

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