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Summary: Tonya Fulfer was arrested on February 03, 2012 in Pinellas, Florida. She is 31 years old, 508 tall, with brown hair, brown eyes and weighs 185 pounds. Per the United States judicial system, Fulfer is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The American Scholar: This Man Should Not Be Executed

In January 1993, Wardlow dropped out of Daingerfield High School, in Morris County, Texas, which includes Cason, where he grew up. His girlfriend and classmate, Tonya Fulfer, dropped out with him. She was a specialeducation student with a poor academic record and an IQ estimated at 80 to 85.

No. 19A1064 I Supreme Court of the United States

Tonya Fulfer only intended to rob Cole and steal his truck. When Wardlow brought out the gun and told Cole to go back inside the house, Cole lunged at Wardlow and grabbed his arm and the gun, attempting to push Wardlow away. Wardlow testified that Cole was stronger than he expected, so he was caught off balance and began falling backwards.

A Dangerous Man: At 18, Billy Joe Wardlow took a man’s

Billy Joe Wardlow was 18 years, 6 months, and 19 days old on June 14, 1993, the morning he and his girlfriend, Tonya Fulfer, set out to steal Carl Cole''s Chevy Silverado. In their minds the theft...

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Wardlow and codefendant Tonya Fulfer walked into Cole’s home on County Road 1207 with the intent of robbing him. Wardlow shot Cole once in the head with a.45 pistol, wrapped his body in a bedspread and placed it in a bedroom closet. Wardlow and Fulfer stole Cole’s 1993 pickup truck and drove it to Madison, Nebraska where they sold it.

Execution Report: Billy Wardlow Page 2

The Texas Court of Criminal Appeals affirmed the conviction and sentence in April 1997. A Texas public record search on Tonya Michelle Fulfer indicates that she was released from prison on 22 May 2009. No other information was available for this report. Wardlow waived his remaining appeals in 1997, then hired a lawyer and rescinded his waiver.

Execution Report: Billy Wardlow Page 1

On Sunday, 13 June 1993, Wardlow, then 18, drove to the home of Carl Cole in Morris County in northeast Texas. He disconnected the phone lines from the outside then knocked on

Billy Joe Wardlow: A life wasted, Opinion, fbherald

Billy was only 18 at the time. He and girlfriend Tonya Fulfer rolled Cole’s body up in a blanket and stuffed it unceremoniously in a closet. They told authorities they had only planned to steal Cole’s pickup truck. They could have done it without shooting Cole.

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