ahmad suradji childhood

ahmad suradji childhood

Ahmad Suradji: What Makes A Serial Killer, ipl.org

These traits all correspond with the serial killer Ahmad Suradji, also known as the sorcerer. Ahmad was born in January of 1994 in Indonesia. He lived with his father, who was a well known cattle breeder. Ahmad was a troubled child, frequently getting in fights and

Ahmad Suradji 9 Shocking Things About The Black Magic

Also referred to as the Sorcerer or Black Magic killer, Ahmad Suradji was born on 12 December 1952 in Medan, Indonesia. He was born to a man who referred to himself as a sorcerer and he gained so much respect from the community and other places. As Ahmad

Ahmad Suradji: Sorcerer from Hell, TopDissertations

Ahmad Suradji: Sorcerer from Hell Hearing the word maniac everyone quietly shudders at the thought of immense cruelty and paranoia. Psychologists say that murderers have serious mental disorders; largely their killings are closely connected with mental injuries sustained in childhood or congenital diseases. Some of them have world fame.

RealLife Murderers Whose MO Will Chill You To The Bone

Considering her childhood, it’s not hard to see why. Wournos’ father was a convicted sex offender, out of the picture before she was even born and hung himself in his prison cell when she was 13. And by that time, Wournos was already trading sexual favors for

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