pezzonovante pronunciation

pezzonovante pronunciation

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“Pezzonovante” in Sicilian, literally means $1.90. This term usually is applied to persons of importance. The implication in Al Pacino’s reply is that he doesn’t want or need to be famous or important.

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What is Pezzonovante 1. An Italian word, meaning "Big Shot." The term is commonly misunderstood to mean any man in power; however, it is usually used pejoratively.

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Italian term or phrase: pezzonovante. This word appears several times in the"Godfather" films. It seems to be a Sicilian slang term and it probably not a nice thing to call someone. Len Spampinato. English translation: a bigwig. Explanation: In Standard Italian it is

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New Member. English USA. Jan 16, 2007. #11. The Godfather novel translates pezzonovante as ".90 caliber". I think pezzo translates to "piece" and novante is "ninety". In slang usage, a piece can be a handgun or a weapon, and ninetycaliber is a

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Cum si spun pezzonovante Italian Pronunie de pezzonovante cu 2 pronunii audio, i mai mult de pezzonovante.

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How to say pezzottaite in English Pronunciation of pezzottaite with 3 audio pronunciations, 1 meaning and more for pezzottaite.

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Italian Slang Words & Phrases Everyone Should Know. 1. Mettersi insieme. Similar to “seeing someone exclusively” in English, “mettersi insieme” means to begin a serious relationship with someone. You might use this phrase to describe your longterm partner or “fidanzato” (fiance). 2.

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