borg vs dominion

borg vs dominion

Borg Vs Dominion, Fandom

The Dominion would be a tough opponent, because they''re strong and smart, but the Borg would still win pretty easily because of their vast population and advanced technical superiority. humans are, by far, the most dangerous species in the galaxy. we spread out and conquer under the guise of "exploration and peace."

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The Borg were much more formidable than the Dominion. For one thing, the Borg had an ideology/program (assimilation of nonBorg worlds and species) that they followed to a tee. And they were a determined bunch, "resistance is futile". What did the Jem Hadar fight for

Borg vs. Dominion, Fandom

The Borg because there are way more Borg cubes than dominion ships. 0 Js017 5/24/2018 The borg would win.

Borg vs Dominion, Sciforums

The dominion may be a tougher target than the Federation (maybe), but the difference to the Borg I would estimate as the difference between a human vs. an ant and a human vs. a bee (no allergy, and you have a fly swatter).

star trek Were the Dominion aware of the Borg

The federation straddles the beta and alpha quadrant. The only reason they got involved with the dominion was because of the gamma wormhole. And the Borg because of Q. If it wasn''t for that, there wouldn''t be any issue.

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The best part is, both sides will HATE the other. The Dominion will see the Borgs as the ultimate "solid plot"destroying all "fluidity" in thought and idea. The Borg will be running up against a coalition that sort of does what they dograb the best bits, mold them better, get rid of the chaff.

“The DominionBorg War” Star Trek Minutiae

Author’s Note: The DominonBorg War is set in a Alternate Universe where the Borg invade the Dominion, and a war of epic proportions erupts. “Tolak’Talan to all fighters.” The commander of the Jem’Hadar fighter squadron said.

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The Tholians were anon humanoid, enigmatic species. There were first introduced to Star Trek audiences in the Original Series as an alien antagonist.. After trapping another Federation vessel, the Defiant, The Tholians attempted to trap the Enterprise within their formidable web. The socalled Tholian Web was projected and woven in space by the Tholian vessels themselves and comprised of

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