desmondji blue margarita alcohol content

desmondji blue margarita alcohol content

Desmondji Liqueur 750ml, Tom''s Wine Goa

Desmondji Liqueur 750ml Blue Margarita, Pure Cane, Blue Curacao, Mahua L, Mahua Spirit, Margarita, Orange. Related products. Quick View. Disclaimer: We do not Deliver Alcohol. Useful Links. About Us Opens in a new tab; Terms & Conditions Opens in a new tab;

DesmondJi range is rolled out to major Indian cities

The sixbottle series includes two white spirits: DesmondJi 100% Agave and DesmondJi 51% Agave, two liqueurs based on Nagpur oranges: DesmondJi Blue Curaao and DesmondJi Orange Liqueur, and two “affordable easytomake alcoholic margarita blends”: DesmondJi Classic Margarita and DesmondJi Blue Margarita.

10 Best Tequila Brands India & Top Tequila Brands

. DesmondJi . DesmondJi Tequila Price In India. DesmondJi 100% Agave INR 1,980 for 750 ml. DesmondJi Blue Curacao INR 1,552 for 750 ml. DesmondJi Margarita INR 1,474 for 750 ml. DesmondJi Tequila Alcohol Content. 37.14% ABV. Image Courtesy Pinterest . DesmondJi is a stellar Indian spirits brand, that offers five pleasant agavebased spirits.

G.S.M. Blue, Ginebra Ginebra San Miguel

G.S.M. Blue Flavors is a perfect mix of clear spirit and different flavours, with lighter alcohol content. Enjoy it in Mojito, Margarita or Gin Pomelo. G.S.M. Blue is a Quality Label awardee of the Monde Selection International Institute for Quality Selections. Available in Long Neck 700ml and Solo 350ml bottles.

Alcohol Content in Common Drinks, CheckUp & Choices

The following table shows the alcohol percentage (alcohol %) of common beers, cocktails, drinks, luquors, and spirits. Use the search bar or scroll down the list.

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