boruto scan 53 spoilers

boruto scan 53 spoilers

Boruto Chapter 53 Raw Scans Release Date & Spoilers

Raw scans for Chapter 53 of the Boruto manga have not been leaked yet. They will come out 34 days before the official release, i.e., December 20, 2020. Chapter 52 Recap Chapter 52, titled

Boruto Chapter 53 Mega Thread, Naruto dead Momoshiki

Boruto Chapter 53 will decide the fate of Naruto, Isshiki vs Momoshiki Boruto will happen. Spoilers, raw scans will release soon. Chapter 53 Release Date is December 20. Naruto gave a good amount of heavy hits to Isshiki with his new fusion power which consumes life force but now Naruto has very little Chakra left, while Kawaki is back in front

World news US Boruto''s chapter 53 release date

Boruto Chapter 53 will be released next month and fans are looking forward to the next issue of the manga series. Masashi Kishimoto who wrote the original Naruto manga acquires Boruto: Naruto Next Generations from chapter 53, which means a lot of changes to the story.. Naruto''s move succeeds in defeating Ishiki, but the villain finds a way and teleports Kawaki using the same thing.

Boruto Scan 53 VF Boruto Scan VF

Boruto Chapitre 53 Lecture en Ligne. Fils du 7éme Hokage que nous connaissons tous, Boruto est promis à un brillant avenir en tant que Shinobi. Comme son père, Boruto est une tête brlée qui fait beaucoup de bêtises. Mitsuki et Sarada font équipe avec lui.

Boruto Chapter 54 Reveals Release Date, Spoilers, Where

Boruto Chapter 54 release date is January 20, 2021. Spoilers, raw scans, leaks have released. Images by Nanotoart and Junebuart. We know that you all are excited for the upcoming chapter as well as scared as our heroes are in danger and that too from Borushiki (Boruto plus Momoshiki). No way or hope is left almost, but we can expect a surprise

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