tgcsa grading criteria

tgcsa grading criteria


The latest iteration of the TGCSA grading criteria are far more consistent and comprehensive and follow stringent quantitative and qualitative core requirements and quality standards. We have not just reviewed our grading standards, but we’ve also refreshed and finetuned our entire TGCSA operating system, which now runs so much smoother.

Grading Criteria

The TGCSA''s Grading Criteria has come a very long way since its introduction in 2002. Following the most recent revision, implemented 01 April 2019, of our criteria the Grading System is far more thorough, more consistent and follows stringent quantitative and qualitative core requirement and quality standards.

TGCSA Provides industry with update on new grading criteria

The Tourism Grading Council of South Africa (TGCSA) today provided the industry with an update on the new grading criteria and standards of entry which were implemented on 01 October 2010. Attended by government officials, captains of industry, tourism associations and media, the breakfast event has become a highly sought after event at INDABA.

Tourism Grading Council of South Africa Briefing to the

The TGCSA''s grading criteria for tourism products was introduced in 2000 The Grading Criteria have undergone periodic reviews since then. The undertaking to the sector is to review and enhance the grading standards every three years.

Tourism Grading Council of South Africa on its grading

The strategic objectives of the TGCSA were to quality grade establishments accurately, to continually enhance the credibility of the grading process and the grading criteria, ensuring that there was a tangible basket of benefits for graded establishments, and finally to continue to enhance the credibility of the Lilizela Tourism Awards.

What do TGCSA Star Grading’s Really Mean, Emdoneni

The TGCSA Star Grading criteria are in keeping with international standards. They apply to building exteriors, bedrooms, bathrooms, public areas, dining facilities, food and beverage outlets, service and services, and housekeeping. To ensure credibility, consumer feedback is encouraged on the TGCSA

Gr10 Task 1: 5 Star Hotel Grading and Service Skills Task

.1 Identify and match the TGCSA criteria in the resources with the guest’s complaints so that you can see what the guest can expect. Write the criteria in full next to the number of the complaint (17). (7) 3.2 Provide a suggestion for every complaint to bring the hotel room up to the required standard as set out in the criteria. (14)


The TGCSA brand should be associated with the features, attributes and benefits of the entire country and the quality accommodation experience. It is designed to be associated with all of the positive aspects thatmake up quality stargraded accommodation establishments, both business and leisure, in

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