muzan x nezuko

muzan x nezuko

[Muzan x Nezuko] Kindness Chapter 1: First

Read Chapter 1: First meet from the story [Muzan x Nezuko] Kindness by Nezuko wws (~Nezukochan lovers~) with 2,966 reads. kibunezu, kibutsujimuzan, nezuko. T...

[Muzan x Nezuko] Kindness Chapter 3: Too

Muzan''s heart skipped a beat. He reached out and stroked Nezuko''s hair. She looked at him in surprise. +. Forgot to introduce, my name is Kibutsuji Muzan. +. She stared at him for a second, then laughed: +. Haha, of course I know that, Mr ''big bandit'' +. Dum dum +. Again, he heard his heart beat a

[Muzan x Nezuko] Kindness Chapter 2: The

Muzan stood up, came to support her, noticed that there were more scratches on her body. +. Nezuko brushed his hand, her eyes curved up like a crescent moon, and she smiled at him: +. Thank you, but please don''t move, standing up can make your wound torn open. +. Even though she say that, she just want to keep away from people, even as the

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