papaver paeoniflorum

papaver paeoniflorum

Papaver Paeoniflorum PoppySeed Dreams

Annual The Antique Rose Papaver paeoniflorum is without a doubt one of the most lovely double paeoniflorums. The Antique Rose paeony produces double compacted rosepink blooms with lavender centers. A very pretty multicolored double paeony that may be planted in the spring or fall. Flowering time: 8 weeks. 23 ft. tall plants. 50 seeds.

Peony Poppy ‘Double Red’ (Papaver paeoniflorum),

2 天前Peony Poppy ‘Double Red’ (Papaver paeoniflorum) Peony Poppy ‘Double Red’ This is a fully double red flowered strain. Tall plants to 1 metre with flowers that hold for weeks in October and November longer if assiduously deadheaded. When to sow: AutumnWinter

Peony Poppy ‘Bright Double Pink’ (Papaver paeoniflorum

Peony Poppy ‘Bright Double Pink’ (Papaver paeoniflorum) Huge bright double pink blooms that last and last. Plant by sprinkling on the surface and keep moist every day and do not cover seed. Best planted from May to July.

Papaver paeoniflorum ''Double Mixed'' Seeds

Also known as Peony poppies, Papaver paeoniflorum producing a summerlong succession of fascinating, heavily doubled, large flowers with lovely crinkled petals. Peony poppies send up thick flower stems that rise as high as five feet and produce five to ten nodding flower heads.

罂粟属 百度百科

171 是一年生、二年生及多年生植物,广布在欧亚大陆、非洲及北美洲的温带及寒冷区域。 罂粟属的花朵有两个 花萼 ,4个花瓣或重瓣;可以是红色、粉红色、橙色、黄色或紫色。

Papaver somniferum var. paeoniflorum, 科技研花图画书

罌粟(Papaver somniferum)是罂粟科罂粟属的两年生草本植物,原产于小亚细亚、印度、伊朗和亚美尼亚。它是所谓的罂粟,含有吗啡。叶子是灰绿色的,没有毛。 叶子是灰绿色的,没有毛,没有叶柄,茎由长圆状卵形的叶子支撑。在春天和初夏,在茎的顶部开出一朵四瓣花,指向上方。

Papaver paeoniflorum cv – Peony Poppy Double Black

Papaver paeoniflorum cv This plant is not on the Australian Noxious Weed List. This Peony Poppy is fascinatingly large, with fully double, very dark maroonpurple – almost black flowers.

Peony Poppy ''Black'' Papaver paeoniflorum seeds Select

Captivating blooms in that rarest of hues, almost black, the deepmaroon gathered petals flower on strong, tall stems. The baroque flourish of the seagreen foliage complements the flower''s smoldering hue. Picture perfect with sweet williams and foxgloves in the early summer garden.

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