upagupta and vasavadatta

upagupta and vasavadatta

Karnataka Solutions for Class 9 English Poem Chapter 1

This poem is about the story of Buddhist monk Upagupta, a disciple of Lord Buddha and the dancing girl of Mathura Vasavadatta. She was a famous and beautiful dancer. She was proud of her beauty, youth, and her wealth. Upagupta was an ascetic,

Vasavadatta, The Courtesan

VASAVADATTA, THE COURTESAN THERE was a courtesan in Mathura named Vasavadatta. She happened to see Upagutta, one of Buddha''s disciples, a tall and beautiful youth, and fell desperately in love with him. sent an invitation to the young man, but he replied: "The time has not yet arrived when Upagutta will visit Vasavadatta."

KSEEB Solutions for Class 9 English Poem Chapter 1

Vasavadatta, a dancing girl stumbles over the body of Upagupta while walking. So, he wakes up startled. Question 2. “The dancing girl was rich.”

Story The Buddhist Monk dgtory

One evening Vasavadatta was looking out through the window when she saw a handsome young monk passing by. He was none other than Upagupta, an ardent disciple of Lord Buddha. Vasavadatta fell in love with him at once and asked her maid to call the young monk to her house.

Karnataka Solutions for Class 9 English Poem Chapter 1

A year has not yet passed since Vasavadatta, a dancing woman met Upagupta, a monk. It was the evening of a day in April in spring season. The branches of the trees on the wayside were heavy with flowers. The lighthearted musical tone of a flute came

Upagupta – a poem by Tagore, Digital Wealth

Upagupta is a beautiful work by Tagore. The story goes as follows: Upagupta is a disciple of Buddha, and goes from one place to another. He is sleeping in a small town when a dancing girl wakes him up and requests him to sleep at her home. Upagupta refuses, and tells her “I will visit Continue reading "Upagupta – a poem by Tagore"

Sanyāsī aura sundari : nartakī Vāsavadattā aura cārya

Get this from a library! Sanyāsī aura sundari : nartakī Vāsavadattā aura cārya Upagupta kī kathā para ādhārita Bauddhakālīna upanyāsa. [Yādavendra armā] Based on the story of Vāsavadattā and Upagupta, disciples of Gautama Buddha.

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