derek manuge

derek manuge

Derek MANUGE, University of Guelph, Guelph, UOGuelph

Sep 2013. Derek Manuge. Exponential L\''evy processes have been used for modelling financial derivatives because of their ability to exhibit many empirical features of markets. Using their

Derek Manuge CoFounder & CEO @ Corl Crunchbase

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Derek Manuge Chief.. Corl Financial Technologies

Derek Manuge is the Chief Executive Officer at Corl Financial Technologies based in Montreal, Quebec. Derek received a Master''s degree degree from...

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Derek J. Manuge is the CEO & CoFounder of Corl, an artificiallyintelligent royalty financing platform for startups in North America. He has over six years of experience in financial risk management, statistics, and investments. Previously, he served as Financial Risk Manager at KPMG and Model Validation Manager at Scotiabank.

Basket Option Pricing and the Mellin Transform A Thesis

Derek J. Manuge Advisor: University of Guelph, 2013 Dr. Peter T. Kim Option pricing has been an increasingly popular area of study over the past four decades. The use of the Mellin transform in such a context, however, has not. In this work we present a general multiasset option pricing formula in

Data for Building Better Models & Making Optimal

Manuge: Both Sohaib and I independently came up with the idea of Railz. For myself, the idea was born out of the struggles I faced while working as a quant. Obtaining data to build better models or make better decisions was 5080% of my time (and much of the time, the data I wanted was not the data I could get).

Download Basket Option Pricing and the Mellin Transform

Page 1 Basket Option Pricing and the Mellin Transform by Derek J. Manuge A Thesis Presented to The Faculty of Graduate Studies of The University of Guelph In partial fulfilment of requirements for the degree of Master of Science in Applied Mathematics Guelph, Ontario, Canada c Derek J. Manuge, December, 2013 Page 2 Abstract Basket Option Pricing and the Mellin Transform Derek J. Manuge

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