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peng shuilin

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Peng Shuilin, born in Hunan Province, came to work at a flour mill in Shenzhen in 1995. On March 9, Peng was hit by a freight truck in a traffic accident and his body was cut into two halves. Although his life was saved through the joint rescue of about 20

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Amazing Half Man Hoax Or Fact

At the age of 37, Peng Shuilin spent nearly two years in a hospital in Shenzhen, southern China, and underwent a series of operations to reroute major organ systems inside his body. Skin from his head was transferred to the underside of his severed body to support and keep his organs alive.

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Peng Shuilin was found sliced in half after a road accident 13 years ago The Chinese man who measures just 78cm was discovered in two pieces

Peng Shuilin lies in the bed as his wife looks over his

Peng Shuilin was hit by a freight truck in a traffic accident in 2004 and his body was cut into two halves. Peng''s life was saved through the joint rescue of about 20 doctors, but his body below the hip was lost. His remaining body is about 2.56 feet tall. (Photo by China Photos/Getty Images)

“O meu segredo é a alegria”, afirma homem com apenas

Esta é a história incrível de Peng Shuilin, um empresário chinês que foi atropelado por um caminho e conseguiu sobreviver. Agora vive sem pernas, sem órgos genitais e sem parte do quadril. “O meu segredo é a alegria”, afirmou este exemplo de fora de vontade e alegria de viver. Peng Shuilin tem exatamente 78 cm de altura.


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蒋庆华 哈尔滨工业大学 生命科学与技术学院

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