simaudio moon 650d

simaudio moon 650d

650D, MOON Simaudio

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Simaudio Moon Evolution 650D – Review, HeadMania

Both are fully balanced in design. 650D has the same Simaudio’s Moon Asynchronous Jitter Control (MAJiC) as it’s bigger brother, which is designed to reduce internal jitter to 1 picosecond. The CD player is a part of Simaudio’s proprietary MQuattro Drive transport, mounted on a gelbased, four point floating suspension.

加拿大 Simaudio Moon/惊雷 Evolution650D CD机/DAC解码


Simaudio Moon Evolution 650D DACTransport

The 650D is part of Simaudio’s top series, Moon Evolution (their lowerpriced series is called, simply, Moon). In many ways, the 650D is a scaleddown version of its predecessor, the 750D DACtransport ($13,000).

SIMaudio moon 650d初步听感分享! 台式耳机系统 耳机

这台机器到手后,经过大约十几天的煲机,声音趋于稳定,现在简单和大家报告一下听感! 1)650D作为解码+INT204新版的听感: 既然这款机器号称解码是主打的功能,所以我 SIMaudio moon 650d初步听感分享! ,耳机俱乐部论坛

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At $8000, the Simaudio Moon Evolution 650D, made in North America, is not inexpensive. But it''s beautifully built (if not so beautiful to look at), and it performed flawlessly during the review period. Most important, its sound rivaled the best PCM digital I''ve heard in my listening room.

加拿大 Simaudio/惊雷 Evolution650D CD机/DAC解码器淘宝网

品牌: SIMAUDIO. 型号: Evolution650D. 产地: 加拿大. MOON 650D不以「CD唱盘」称之,而是主打其DAC功能,这实在是很有趣的一件事。. 原来他的DAC功能实在过于强悍,所以连内部精密的专利转盘结构也沦为附属。. 这话可不是随便说说的,看看650D的背板,四组数位输入

Has anyone heard the SimAudio 650D, Audiogon

Simaudio will say that the greatest sonic potential of the 650D is as a stand alone dac for a quality computer hard drive source but it''s taken me a lot of trial and error to get the sound from my Sooloos MC200/Simaudio 650D combination to equal and surpass the sound of just using the 650D as a traditional CD player!

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