2x 5 17

2x 5 17

2x+5=17 Get Easy Solution

2x+5=17 . Simple and best practice solution for 2x+5=17 equation. Check how easy it is, and learn it for the future. Our solution is simple, and easy to understand, so don`t hesitate to use it as a solution of your homework. If it''s not what You are looking for type in the equation solver

2x5=17 solution

Simplifying 2x + 5 = 17 Reorder the terms: 5 + 2x = 17 Solving 5 + 2x = 17 Solving for variable ''x''. Move all terms containing x to the left, all other terms to the right.

SOLUTION: 2x+5=4x17 Algebra

2x+5=4x17 Adding 2x and 17 to both sides of the EQ to combine Like terms 22 = 2x Dividing both sides of EQ by 2 to isolate x 11 = x

Solve 5y+2x=17, Microsoft Math Solver

Steps for Solving Linear Equation. 5y+2x=17. 5 y + 2 x = 1 7. Subtract 2x from both sides. Subtract 2 x from both sides. 5y=172x. 5 y = 1 7 2 x. Divide both sides by 5. Divide both sides by 5.

Solve 6x+5=2x+17, Microsoft Math Solver

6x+5=2x+17. 6 x + 5 = 2 x + 1 7. Subtract 2x from both sides. Subtract 2 x from both sides. 6x+52x=17. 6 x + 5 2 x = 1 7. Combine 6x and 2x to get 4x. Combine 6 x and 2 x to get 4 x. 4x+5=17.

2x+1.5=17.5怎样解方程(要检验(过程)) 百度知道 Baidu

x=17.51.5 2x=16 x=16÷2 x=8 检验:2×8+1.5=17.5 扩展资料 运算定律 1、加法交换律:在两个数的加法运算中,交换两个加数的位置,和不变。字母表示: a+b=b+a 2、加法结合律:三个数相加,先把前两个数相加,再加另一个加数;或者先把后两个数

2x+1.5x=17.5解方程 百度知道 Baidu

x+1.5x=17.5 (2+1.5)x=17.5(提取x,把x 前面的系数写在一起) 3.5x=17.5(合并同类项,计算出2+1.5的结果) x=17.5÷3.5(等式两边同时除以3.5,求解x) x=5 扩展资料: 一元一次方程解法

2x+1.5x=17.5怎么解方程 百度知道 Baidu

x+1.5x=17.5 提取x:(2+1.5)x=17.5 合并同类项:3.5x=17.5 x的系数化成1,求解x,等式两边同时除以3.5 得到:x=5 。扩展资料: 一元一次方程最早见于约公元前1600年的古埃及时期。公元820年左右,数学家花拉子米在《对消与还原》一书中提出了“合并

2x+1.5x=17.5解方程要过程 雨露学习互助

2x+1.5=17.5怎样解方程(要检验(过程)) 1 年前 1个回答 9分之5x+1=10解方程求过程 1年前 1个回答 4x+4*2x=180用小学5年级解方程求解过程 1年前 1个回答 x+5x=96怎么解方程求过程 1年前 2个回答 5X等于25x415X解方程要过程

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