opel sms mistype

opel sms mistype

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Whilst these are no doubt effective, for Gitam BBDO’s latest work with Opel, SMS Mistype, they decided to keep things simple. On a plain black background sits a white box, a text message misspelled to point out the obvious, that your typing when you

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SMS Mistype. Ads of the World. Opel created an impactful campaign by incorporating road safety into it. The car manufacturer warned its audience of the dangerous consequences of driving and texting by simply showing an incoherent SMS message to

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While their point might be a little too clever for the average customer, the copy makes things clear. 8 – Opel: SMS Mistype A surprisingly large number of quality print advertising is coming from road safety campaigns. This time, Opel launched a campaign

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Opel: SMS Mistype Thng hiu sn xut t Opel thc hin chin dch thit k qung cáo in n v cùng n gin vi nn en và mt dòng vn bn ngn hin th thng ip cc k d hiu.


Opel: SMS Mistype Nhn hiu sn xut xe hi Opel trin khai chin dch qung cáo cnh báo v hu qu ca vic nhn tin trong lúc lái xe, thng qua mt Print Ads hoàn toàn rt n gin. Yu t làm cho qung cáo này có phn khác bit,

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8 – Opel: SMS Mistype Thng hiu sn xut t Opel thc hin chin dch cnh báo v hu qu ca vic nhn tin khi lái xe bng mt Print Ads v cùng n gin.

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6 Chupa Chups: SugarFree Lollipops. 7 Jeep Advertising Agency: See What You Want to See. 8 Opel: SMS Mistype. 9 PNET: A Better Job Is Waiting. 10 Pedigree: A Dog Makes Your Life Happier. Adopt. Conclusion on the best Print Ads of Alltime Traditionally, online advertising has been considered as ''bad'' and has struggled to meet the

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