verizon zipit pager

verizon zipit pager

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Operating on the reliable Verizon network, Zipit sends messages in seconds to save precious time and reduce the persistent gaps between incoming calls, dispatch and response. With Zipit, dispatchers can quickly send messages to several teams simultaneously and get realtime notification that each member of every team has received the message.

Verizon Wireless And Zipit Wireless Debut TwoWay

"A key difference between existing pager technologies and the Zipit pager replacement system is the Zipit Remote Administration Portal, which provides users with detailed insight into the status of messages and ease of system management of the Zipit Now devices," said Michael P. Ross, vice president of sales, healthcare for Verizon Wireless.

Healthcare Technology and News: Verizon, Zipit Unveil

Verizon Wireless and Zipit Wireless announced the introduction of the Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution—a twoway paging system available exclusively from Verizon Wireless.. According to company sources, this solution comprises of a unique messaging device, a cloudbased hosted environment and a communications infrastructure that is suitable for pager customers, including those

Verizon Targets New TwoWay Paging Service at

The Zipit Enterprise Critical Messaging Solution consists of a messaging device, a cloudbased hosted environment and a communications infrastructure designed to meet the needs of pager customers including those in the healthcare industry. The device operates on Verizon Wireless'' nationwide 3G network and WiFi networks.

Zipit Wireless and Verizon Deliver New Critical Messaging

Available on iOS and Androidpowered devices, the Zipit mobile app delivers the same basic functionality and critical communications features as the Zipit device, including multiple priority level pages, continuous alerts similar to a traditional pager, and secure twoway communications with other Zipit mobile app and device users.


ORLANDO, Fla., BASKING RIDGE, N.J., and GREENVILLE, S.C. From the 2011 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Fla., Verizon Wireless and Zipit

Verizon and Zipit Wireless Deliver new Smartphone App

Verizon and Zipit Wireless Deliver new Smartphone App, VoIP Capabilities, About Verizon Zipit Wireless, a pioneer in connected platform solutions, today launched a new smartphone app for mobile phones and tablets, and added VoIP capabilit

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