submodality interventions nlp

submodality interventions nlp

NLP Submodalities The 1 key to many NLP techniques

NLP submodalities are a subset of every modality. As we know we have five modalities like Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic, Olfactory, and gustatory. In NLP submodalities we get into finer distinctions of each modality, For example, if you are visual you may store memory in pictures or movies, it can be colorful or black and white.

Submodalities Model, Part 1 NLP Comprehensive

Submodalities are one of the predominant models in NLP. They have been used in creating some of the most powerful interventions including the Swish Variations, the Forgiveness Pattern, Mapping Across, the Grief Pattern, and 20 more that I know of.

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A submodality in neurolinguistic programming is a distinction of form or structure (rather than content) within a sensory representational system. For example, regardless of the content, both external and mental images of any kind will be either colored or monochrome, and stationary or moving.

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Being elegant with the core submodality interventions, Swish and Mapping ; Back ground . In the early days of NLP Grinder and Bandler uncovered some pretty amazing elements of human experience that became known as NLP. The notion of operating on a map of the world and not the real world was the major premise of early NLP.

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"Digital submodality" one thing or the other, like Associated/Dissociated . Title: Submodalities checklist Author: Andy Smith Created Date: 7/11/2020 9:34:06 AM

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