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bill''s grandpa soulsilver

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Bill''s grandfather in HeartGold and SoulSilver. Bill ''s grandfather (Japanese: マサキのおじいさん Masaki''s grandfather) is a Pokémon Researcher and Inventor who first appeared in Pokémon Red and Blue. He lives in Fuchsia City of the Kanto region.

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Bills Grandfather Asked me to Bring a hugley famous pokemon but he said its not a pikachu wat is it Answered: Where is bill at Answered: Need help!! ASAP!! (bill''s grandpa) Answered: Final Combined Team with pokemon platinum version Unanswered

Bill''s Grandfather Pokemon SoulSilver Version

now that this topic is brought up.... im wondering is showing bills grandpa those pokemon still the only way to get the water/thunder/fire stones in this game I believe you can buy some from the Pokathalon on certain days. GT: Biloxi303 Soul Silver FC: 2235 9571 9054. OGC is the funniest sideways person ever.

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soulsilver; asked Apr 1, 2013 by post3. 1 Answer. 0 votes . Best answer. In Cerulean Cape, at the top of Cerulean City Just go over the yellow bridge at the top of Cerulean City and continue on that path until you see a house. Hope I helped! answered Apr 1, 2013 by Artist KS selected Jun 16, 2013 by

What pokemon does bills grandpa want Pokemon

What pokemon does bills grandpa want Lick a tongue. Lickitung, Oddish, Staryu, Vulpix (For SoulSilver) or Growlithe (For HeartGold), and Pichu. In that order.

Where can I find Bill''s grandfather in Pokemon soul silver

See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. near the goldenrod tunnel in a small house he gives you an evee. in the second region top of the map. Wiki User. 14:55:11.

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Bill''s grandfather is found in Bill''s old house, housesitting, on Route 25 in Kanto above Cerulean City. And yes, you need to show him all of the Pokemon he wants, in order, to obtain one of each stone. They go in this order: 1. Lickitung Everstone.

What Pokemon does Bill''s grandfather ask you for

Best answer. OK thanks to Swampert for the info. For future reference, here are all the Pokemon I was asked for and the correct answers: "A round blue Pokemon with leaves growing on it''s head." Oddish. "A fire type Pokemon that''s supposed to roar well." Growlithe. "A Pokemon with large round eyes. The one that sings a lullaby with it''s cute voice!"

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Bill (Japanese: ソネザキマサキ Masaki Sonezaki) is a Pokémon Researcher, widely regarded as an expert in many fields. He has made many appearances in the games. Bill is most commonly found in his Sea Cottage, which is north of Cerulean City at the end of Route 25.He is most notable for his first appearance in the Generation I games and for his Pokémon Storage System that has been

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