diaper chastity

diaper chastity

Diaper and Chastity Experiment Looking for Holder

1 天前I don''t have diapers yet but do have a chastity device. so the options would be we can start it once I have them and we connect or I can lock first but the one week countdown doesn''t start until diaperedwhich can be within a day. And honestly, probably pull ups as it''s more discreet.

Chastity cage, ADISC.org The AB/DL/IC Support

Chastity and diapers is a great combo. I''ve got a number of cages and I''ve used them in conjunction with a number of diapers. Really, finding a base


The chastity belt is shower safe and allows for urination, so removal is only needed once a week for deep cleaning.It is recommended that you restrain the Sissy for this process to prevent orgasm. The Melandren Corporation forbids true orgasms for Sissies so it is very important to have them bathed by a qualified supervisor.

Chastity Tube, Diapers and Sissywear Part 1

Chastity Tube, Diapers and Sissywear Part 1 Submitted by: . I was a guy, 30 years old and worked as a banker, I''m 5 feet 9, weigher120 pounds. At the time I was living in an apartment in Denmark. I shared the apartment with my friend, but he moved on to live with his girlfriend in

Diapers and Chastity Infantilism

Diapers include an aspect of chastity, to some extent enclosing genitals, conceptually putting them out of sight and reach until changing time. Some enjoy wearing an additional chastity device a chastity belt or more commonly a chastity cage under diapers. Some might enjoy how the device buries one component of adulthood more deeply than

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