sumerian inventions unscramble

sumerian inventions unscramble

8 Ancient Sumerian Inventions That Served Mankind

The Sumerians even used clay to make sickles alongside axes and spears. In fact, the socketed ax was one of the most prominent weapons to be invented by the Sumerians that gradually evolved into the piercing axes. These inventions were necessary as the city

Table of Contents

The Sumerians The Sumerians 1 Circle the inventions that were developed by the Sumerians written language wheel watersailboat clock iron nails plow twelvemonth calendar loom The Sumerians 2 Write T for true or F for false. 1. Sumerian architecture had doors and gates. archways for 2. Sumerians made temples called ziggurats. 3.

Sumerian Inventions Lesson Plans & Worksheets Reviewed

Sixth graders examine Sumerian inventions. Using the internet, 6th graders view images of the inventions and create a poster of the images. They create a PowerPoint presentation, with video clips, of Sumerian inventions to share with the...

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