altran c 4522

altran c 4522

Altran Class H Electrical Transformer WhiteYellow 13V C

Altran Class H Electrical Transformer WhiteYellow 13V C4522

TRANSFORMER, Truckload of Savings Weekly Auction,


Intermatic Transformer 100 Watt, Pool Supply World

The Intermatic 100 Watt Transformer supplies 12VAC to pool or spa lights, submersible fixtures and outdoor garden lights. Ideal for retrofitting, this transformer replaces existing Intermatic transformers and delivers topnotch performance. Note: This Intermatic Transformer is a replacement part and does not include an enclosure.

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Altran’s engineers and technicians develop the optimum design to always meet your requirements of performance, size and cost. Our objective is to give our customers exactly what they needwhen they need it and do so within budgetary limitations. Select

Toroidal Power Transformers

Toroidal transformers are more efficient and offer a lower profile design than a conventional laminated transformer. Altran can design and manufacture a unit to meet your required frequency, while also obtaining your size requirements. You will find Altran power toroids in some of the most well known medical, automation, gaming and audio


Recommended for levels up to +19 dBu at 20 Hz; Wide bandwidth: 3 db at 0.25 Hz and 80 kHz; High Input Impedance: 14 kΩ with 10 kΩ load

Amazon: Intermatic 119T267 Electrical Transformer

Product description. The Intermatic 119T267 is a 100 watt transformer. This model is designed to replace the existing Intermatic transformers. It supplies 12 volts to outdoor garden lights, submersible fixtures and spa or pool lights. The Intermatic 119T267 offers you years of excellent performance.

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